30 Mar 2020

Anglo-Eastern adopts SeaTab fleet-wide

Anglo-Eastern has adopted the award-winning SeaTab portable-format tool for navigational support. Microsoft accompanied Marine Press as they delivered a special SeaTab training session aboard the Federal Nagara one of Anglo-Eastern’s managed vessels.

SeaTab is a portable digital ENC viewer adapted to the award-winning Microsoft Surface line. The combination of tablet and navigational software provides instant situational awareness from anywhere on the bridge. The SeaTab can also be used in the office for training purposes. As part of Sea Platform, SeaTab utilizes a connected ecosystem of products for efficient collaboration between a vessel and the office.

Marine Press Product Manager and former navigation officer Amit Kumar was on board the Federal Nagara to demonstrate the functionality of the SeaTab. “Mariners are amazed at how far navigation technology has evolved. The SeaTab has some amazing features that are best appreciated through an in-person demonstration.”

Anglo-Eastern has already simplified their back-of-bridge operations by adopting SeaPassage on board all their vessels. The addition of SeaTab is projected to save them between $1,500 and $2,000 per vessel annually by reducing their paper chart inventory. The SeaTab helps Anglo-Eastern further its digitization plans while providing its onboard officers with better tools for safe and efficient operation.

Captain Malcolm Soares, VP Asia Pacific at Marine Press explains the key to the SeaTab success. “Anglo-Eastern had already been using the Sea Platform with SeaPassage. SeaTab was the logical next upgrade. But it was the positive feedback from officers onboard during the trial run that really convinced Anglo-Eastern to go fleet-wide with SeaTab.”

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