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Vessel Performance

Enhance performance by proactively managing risk and making decisions that grow profitability.

Secure your competitive edge with optimised vessel performance

As a shipowner, delivering on commercial parameters and vessel performance KPIs isn’t just good practice – it’s a necessity to maintain your competitive advantage.

OneOcean Perform gives you the insights you need to determine and optimise your vessel’s performance so that you can stay competitive and embrace new revenue opportunities.

Before charter: Avoid the risks associated with breaking a charter party agreement with data from Day One or Vessel-Specific Modelling. Now you can access a simple way to predict performance in a range of conditions.

During charter: Ensure operations run smoothly with real-time tracking, enhanced situational awareness, weather monitoring and route optimisation advice from expert Master Mariners. Now you can reduce risks and errors with alerts for critical events and additional navigation and safety awareness data. Plus, you can keep compliant with regulations, even as you enter new regulatory zones, with shoreside assistance.

Post charter: Save on average 2-4% in operational costs by reviewing vessel performance and using the insights to improve future journeys.

Additionally, should you need to counterargue a charterer’s underperformance claims, access supporting data and contact our advisers can help accelerate the process and reduce the financial risk.

Enhance your vessel performance end-to-end and grow profitability with the OneOcean Perform solution.

Precision vessel modelling

Create more accurate models for precise performance forecasting and detailed insights. Get access to Day One (D1) Modelling, based on performance data from 8,000 vessels’ data, or Vessel-Specific Modelling, powered by machine learning.

OneOcean Vessel-Specific Modelling trains a model to act like the real-life vessel by combining a static theoretical model (based on the largest model set in the industry) with a dynamic AI model (based on 10 years of modelling with sensory and noon reporting data).

Quality and breadth of data

Improve your decision making and proactively enhance your vessel performance with access to a broad, quality data set and expert advice.

We ensure accuracy by using data validation to remove errors from our data set. Plus, we can give you access to in-depth naval architecture data and sea trial data for most vessel types trading today. Providing you with the insight to make informed decisions that grow profitability.

Get advice on how your vessels will behave, perform and deteriorate throughout their lifetime, based on our knowledge gained from optimising and monitoring 400 ships daily.

Trusted advisers

Follow optimised charter routes – saving you costs, time and fuel, and stay on course with guidance from our Expert Shoreside Routing (SSR) team.

The 30 Master Mariners that make up our SSR team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to route optimisation, having routed vessels for a combined period of one million days.

You can also request practical advice to improve your vessel performance, based on our maritime expertise and digital experience across 22,000 vessels.

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