Safety Management System

An intuitive interface that connects teams with the vital information needed to ensure compliance and safety.

Transforming safety management 

Keeping crew and vessels secure, safe and compliant is a top priority. But with regulations continuously changing, ensuring policies, documents and certifications are current across an entire fleet is a sizeable task. One that consumes a significant amount of time and resource.

OneOcean’s SMS modules provide a solid foundation to deliver operational efficiencies across the business, to create a work culture where crews feel safe and external shareholders reassured.

With the SMS modules, you can methodically manage QHSE operations through shared access to data, effective communications, efficient document management and systematic oversight. 


Intuitive interface

The SMS intuitive interface improves clarity and control, and in the event of an emergency provides the detailed information crews need to immediately respond. 

Digitise inspections

SMS digitises internal inspections for fast, root-cause analysis and an up-to-date audit trail, accessible via the Platform or mobile app for on-the-go convenience.

Choose your modules

One or a combination of tailored modules can be integrated into your SMS to simplify your compliance challenges and free resource to focus on higher priority tasks. The modules available as part of SMS are Document Management, QHSE and Certificate Management.

Document Management

Removes the need for complex paper trails by replacing inefficient and decentralised methods of document exchange and maintenance, with one streamlined workflow.

  • Comply

    Routing Service

    Get expert guidance from master mariners, onboard and onshore, with OneOcean Navigation’s Routing Service module.
  • Perform


    Enhances maritime performance with advanced benchmarking and monitoring, and sophisticated AI technologies.

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