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CFM Updates - December 2022

03 April 2023This month we added 22 new features and 17 enhancements to CFM.


We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability. With this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of some of the greater edits to the system. For a comprehensive overview of all changes, you can visit the “What’s New” report in Cloud Fleet Manager at any time to see what exactly happened in each of our modules.

New features and enhancements

CFM Charter allows you to draw up contracts in a few steps and automatically create invoices. Easily conduct laytime calculations, forecast earnings from charter agreements and execute post calculations.

  • To offer all relevant information in a single vies, ‘Owner Contracts’ now provides you with dedicated sections for invoices, payments, as well as unassigned owner expenses, respectively unassigned charterer's expenses.
  • The monthly summary of the ‘Cash Flow’ now separates the expected and received payments per currency. This further eases the overview. Additionally, the Cash Flow’s user interface was overhauled and is now consistently looking like the rest of the application.

CFM Crewing is your one-stop solution to handle all crew-related tasks centrally and in an intuitive way. From master data management of seafarers, planning the crews on board as well as their relief, the management of working and rest hours of the crew up to managing payrolls, everything can be done in one single solution.

  • The payroll vessel summary exports were extended by columns for "Balance Previous Month", "Balance Current Month" and "Balance Next Month" for all accumulating payroll positions. This way, you have all relevant information at a glance.

CFM Disturbance Report lets your crew easily create detailed, standardised service requests that can be directly assigned to the person responsible and which will then appear automatically within their dashboard. You can follow-up all service requests in a Kanban view, which gives you a full transparency an all pending requests and their individual status.

  • It's now possible to create an incident event from a disturbance report. This further streamlines the process of handling service requests.
  • To reflect the diverse requirements of the daily work at sea, users can now add multiple jobs as a correction action response to a disturbance report.

CFM Inspections & Audits lets you easily prepare and manage pending inspections. With extensive planning features and the option to create templates for your questionnaires, CFM Inspections & Audits makes sure that you are always best prepared for upcoming inspections and have a complete overview of all tasks.

  • To increase speed while working through questionnaires without relevant findings on board, a dedicated option to add a chapter’s answers in bulk is now available.

CFM Maintenance allows you to plan your maintenance work centrally, precisely and according to your requirements. It gives you full visibility of your fleet status and lets you regain control over the maintenance jobs of your fleet.

  • The modal to edit a job definition's interval was re-arranged.

CFM MRV & IMO DCS enables you to easily record and analyse all key figures required to achieve compliance with both the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations. The required data can be entered directly on board, all further calculations are carried out automatically in the system, you only have to forward the results.

  • The public API for sea and port voyage legs now provides a filter option for UK- and EU-relevant voyage legs. This way, you can find information on relevant legs for your emission monitoring even faster.
  • To ease capturing and managing of CII relevant data a new dedicated tab for the acquisition of CII-correction factors during voyages was added. This was also implemented in CFM Event Reporting.

CFM Purchase provides you with all sections of the purchasing process at one point in an intelligently structured manner, gives you full control over your budgets and allows your suppliers to work directly with this information. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard that features the most relevant information and upcoming tasks, CFM Purchase always focuses on what is important and streamlines the complete purchasing workflow.

  • To ease the transfer of data, the purchase order API was extended and now allows you to add your internal sync key. In addition, a new API call was implemented that enables you to update that sync key.
  • PowerBI Reports are re-located and can now be found in the ‘Reports’ tab. This eases navigation and harmonises the look and feel through all applications.

CFM Vessel Particulars lets you set up the foundation of your successful vessel management. Record and maintain a vast amount of specific data for every vessel and let your departments benefit from data such as dimensions, capacities, propulsion, consumptions, or delivery information for a smooth acceleration of their individual businesses.

  • To ease the management of vessel data by external parties, we now provide a full public API. This allows external users to create, read, update or delete data from CFM Particulars. Additionally, a new API to retrieve general vessel information, such as IMO number or christian name, is now available.
Max Hagemann
Head of Marketing & PR
Max Hagemann is a seasoned Head of Marketing and PR with extensive experience in the maritime industry. His work is driven by a commitment to innovation, strategic insight, and a deep passion for the maritime world.

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