Accident and Incident Reporting

A digital-first approach to recording accident and incident data, allowing for precise reporting and easy data analysis and interrogation.

A valuable tool in keeping crews and vessels safe 

Safety and risk reduction are at the forefront of the minds of all mariners, fleet managers, QHSE officers, and ship owners. 

The Accident & Incident Reporting module of OneOcean Compliance allows for the simple creation and completion of incident reports within your SMS, enabling your organisation to implement and enforce stringent safety management.

Secure crew and vessel safety with a streamlined approach to recording incident data, with the Accident & Incident Reporting module.


Key outcomes

Flexible operation

The LR OneOcean Platform is accessible through a mobile app, which powers both online and offline incident reporting, and makes it simple for mariners to access safety data and statistics.

United information

With all accident and incident information unified in one place, management teams can easily examine reports, allowing them to analyse trends, plan and impose necessary adjustments to safety protocols.

Compliant workflows

Within the Platform, access and user privileges can be set, helping to support compliance and keep the flow of information secure. Workflows can also be customised and integrated with the task scheduler, helping to improve the general efficiency of your operations.

Simple reporting

Allows for the streamlined creation of incident reports within your SMS, saving time and minimising the risk of non-compliance.

Our solutions

  • Comply

    Electronic Record Books

    Make record keeping more efficient, secure and accurate, with OneOcean Compliance’s Electronic Record Books module.
  • Comply


    Maintain compliance for your voyage, with accurate reporting from OneOcean Compliance’s Electronic Record Books and Accident & Incident Reporting modules.
  • Comply


    A clear digital source for all regulatory, environmental and reporting requirements. Helping to strengthen and streamline maritime’s compliance operations.

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