Introducing Docmap 2024: Revolutionising Maritime QHSE Management

29 May 2024

Streamlining maritime operations with Docmap 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of Docmap 2024, the latest evolution in maritime quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) management software from LR OneOcean. Designed to streamline operations and ensure compliance, Docmap 2024 brings an array of innovative features to enhance your maritime activities.

What's new in Docmap 2024?

Docmap 2024 is packed with enhancements that simplify complex maritime processes, ensuring your team can operate more efficiently and effectively:

Webforms integration: With our new webforms, you can create, fill, and manage forms directly within Docmap. These forms are adaptive, making them perfect for any device size, and come with advanced features like conditional logic and electronic signatures.

Advanced risk assessment tools: Our upgraded risk assessment module now includes version control, enhanced export functions, and more refined permissions, allowing for better risk management.

User-friendly design: Navigate effortlessly with our refreshed interface. The new design offers a more intuitive experience, making it easier for users to access and manage information.

Experience the future of maritime management

Docmap 2024 ensures that you are equipped with the latest tools to maintain compliance and improve operational efficiency. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system or implement a new QHSE management solution, Docmap 2024 is designed to meet your needs. 

Effortless transition with LR OneOcean

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with every aspect of the implementation process. From initial planning to full deployment, we provide tailored support to ensure a seamless transition.

Stay ahead with Docmap 2024, the most advanced QHSE management system in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about the new features and how they can benefit your operations.

LR OneOcean
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