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Answering the diverse challenges of today’s maritime sector

31 January 2024

Diverse priorities

The maritime industry is navigating through a transformative journey, heading towards a future marked by digital disruption, heightened regulations and increased volatility. However, despite shared challenges and ambitions across individual sectors of the industry, priorities vary significantly among maritime stakeholders. In this article, we’ll explore some of the distinct needs of various maritime players and look at how digital technology addresses their unique challenges.

Vessel management and performance optimisation

The Ship Manager: navigating the regulatory seascape

Ship managers face the dual challenge of navigating an ever-more regulated maritime world while also managing the diverse operational needs of their fleet. In the current era, the maritime sector is witnessing a push towards elevated environmental standards, with regulatory requirements becoming ever more numerous and increasingly stringent.

Beyond keeping pace with the latest MARPOL regulations, especially Annex VI, as well as EU regulations, and the recent adoption of the High Seas Treaty, which has yet to be implemented, their responsibilities extend to operational tasks such as overseeing crew management, vessel maintenance and efficient resource allocation. This underscores the multifaceted nature of their role, ensuring not only regulatory compliance but also the overall operational efficiency and safety of their fleet.

With so many regulations to stay on top of, both the ship manager and the crew aboard must have access to all global, regional and local rules and restrictions that their vessels are likely to encounter on any port-to-port voyage. Failure to do so efficiently can lead to violations, fines and reputational damage. However, managing regulatory compliance is just one facet of the comprehensive ship management process. Ship managers require tools to efficiently manage a wide range of operations across their entire fleet. The ability to integrate these operational aspects with regulatory compliance is key.

LR OneOcean's digital platform offers a unified solution where ship managers can not only keep abreast of the latest maritime laws and environmental regulations but also manage the everyday challenges of ship management, from crewing to maintenance, and from scheduling to procurement. This holistic approach is not just about complying with regulations but also about enhancing the efficiency, safety and profitability of maritime operations.

Efficient communication across departments and between ship and shore is vital. It is crucial for everyone to operate from the same source of up-to-date, consolidated information, ensuring seamless interaction and a unified understanding of operational and regulatory data. This unified platform approach provides ship managers with a strong foundation for informed decision-making, enhancing their ability to plan and execute voyages safely and efficiently.


The Performance Manager: Requiring accurate performance metrics

Maritime planning and monitoring now place a pivotal emphasis on voyage optimisation. To make timely decisions, stakeholders need real-time data on weather and routing options that take the vessel parameters and voyage specifications into account.

Navigating through and consolidating data from various, disparate sources on all factors influencing voyage optimisation can be time-consuming and inefficient. To maintain a cohesive and consistent view of vessel performance metrics, centralising data streams is necessary. Better performance relies on accurate and up-to-date metrics.

These metrics are displayed in real-time in the Routing Optimisation module of the LR OneOcean platform. This allows performance managers to compare routes that have been optimised for time, cost and fuel efficiency, and plot routes with immediate analysis based on current data. The platform automates data collection where possible and provides automated checks for data verification.

Operational responsibilities

The Charterer: Identifying the right vessel

There may be vessels available to charter, but which of these will offer the best operational efficiency and profitability? What are the risks involved? To answer these questions, the charterer needs detailed performance analytics in order to make the right decision.

Then there is the need to efficiently manage multiple charter contracts, and their terms. This can be a cumbersome task that requires a single unified system to simplify the storing, tracking and overseeing of charter party agreements, while ensuring that terms are met.

Charterers can be well informed before making crucial decisions on selecting vessels that align with their operational and financial needs. The solution lies with the LR OneOcean Perform pillar, which provides the vessel performance with real-time tracking, enhanced situational awareness, weather monitoring and route optimisation advice from expert Master Mariners.

This same platform streamlines the charter contract process, delivers real-time insights into vessel positions via a centralised dashboard and eases communication with vessel


The Operator: Seeking efficiency and profitability

Ensuring fleet-wide consistency and adherence to evolving regulations is a complex challenge. Shoreside oversight and policy enforcement have become integral components of effective maritime management. In striving for operational efficiency to reduce costs and to be compliant with regulations, the operator has to be able to make informed decisions. For this, access to actionable intelligence is essential.

The fleet operator also needs to keep track of Charter Party performance, make sure that voyages are in line with agreed standards, mitigate operational risks and manage communications with a diverse number of stakeholders. These are all critical challenges that, unless effectively overcome, can severely impact the company’s performance and reputation.

Informed decision-making becomes more efficient when it relies on consolidated, accurate data, offering the comprehensive perspective needed to evaluate voyage factors. The LR OneOcean digital platform provides this capability, while at the same time optimising communications, both ship-to-shore and among the various stakeholders. It also streamlines performance reporting, offering CP Performance Reporting tools that compare actual performance against set standards.

Crew management and welfare

The Crew Manager: Staying on top of a myriad of challenges

Managing all the many details involved in ensuring a competent and fully certified crew is onboard every ship in the fleet can pose a huge challenge. It involves coordinating crew changes, ensuring work-rest hour compliance, maintaining up-to-date certifications for crew members and taking care of crew-related documentation. This requires scheduling, planning, recruiting and managing travel.

Unless the crew manager has access to the latest advanced tools or solutions, these challenges can lead to ships being under- or poorly-manned, jeopardizing compliance with legal requirements. LR OneOcean provides robust solutions for crew management, including crew planning and work-rest management, providing a digital framework, functionality and oversight needed to ensure that each voyage is properly crewed.

Future-proofing maritime

As the maritime industry sails into the future, these challenges faced daily by the various players threaten the industry’s future efficiency, sustainability and profitability. The answer lies in having an integrated digital platform that delivers the necessary data in real-time, and in a consistent and centralised format. When the decision-making process is eased and optimised, good things happen.

From prioritising environmental responsibility to embracing digitalisation and optimising voyages, companies that stay ahead of the curve will not only meet the demands of the present but will also be well-positioned for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead on the horizon.

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