NSB Group: a Regs4ships success story

13 December 2023

Adapting to crew education & fleet compliance challenges

NSB Group has been able to relieve compliance pressure on its crews by providing easy access to all relevant rules and regulations.

This leading ship management company operates a fleet of dozens of vessels, and for its crews to be fully aware of, and compliant with, the extensive volume of regulations and flag state rules applicable to their specific ship, they decided to introduce a standardised system.

Challenge 1: efficient regulatory information sharing for compliance

Over the last 20 years or so, the number of rules and regulations has increased dramatically, especially environmental legislation. Manually researching the relevant regulations during the voyage is a time-consuming challenge for crews, who are fully employed in safely operating the ship.

"Previously, we didn't have as many rules to follow, fewer inspections to deal with, and we had more crew members onboard. Nowadays, there's a lot more information to keep up with, and it's become more and more challenging for shipping companies, especially the crew. This development will proceed, so we decided to support our crew members with a modern solution."
- Volkan Aydogdu, QHSE Manager, NSB group

Challenge 2: addressing COVID-related gaps

The pandemic disrupted daily onboard operations, especially in ship maintenance, due to an industry-wide shortage of spare parts. Onboard inspections also decreased. To address this, Port State Control and Flag States are now conducting concentrating inspection campaigns, requiring consant readiness from shipping companies. Access to clear, ship-specific guidance on applicable rules is essential for effective preparation and to avoid different interpretations of regulations.

The solution

Regs4ships, an intelligent database of maritime regulations, has been installed on all 45 vessels in the NSB Group fleet, providing clarity for voyage planning. It provides easy access to official regulatory documents from various sources, including the IMO, ILO and numerous flag states. This fully digital, comprehensive, and searchable database facilitates compliance for all NSB Group vessels, regardless of location.

The company now enjoys:

  • Mitigated risk through uninterrupted access to regulations and clarity on changes and updates.
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance to authorities, regulators and ensurers, leading to shorter inspections.
  • Time savings, reduced crew pressure, and advanced planning support for operations and procedures.
  • Peace of mind with effective communication of relevant regulatory information throughout the organisation.

"One of the good things about Regs4ships is that it is accepted by port authorities and flag states. When they see that we are using it, they are not going much deeper because they know that the required information is available to the crew."
-Volkan Aydodgu, QHSE Manager, NSB Group

The result

Regulatory details and requirements are now easily accessible to all company personnel, both onshore and at sea, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing crew workload and minimising compliance risks.

Regs4ships ensures clarity and prevents errors in adhering to diverse rules for the company's different ship types. NSB GROUP benefits from up-to-date regulatory information onboard all its vessels, preventing financial and reputational repercussions.

NSB GROUP: a Group company with a family approach

NSB GROUP fosters a family approach among ship crews and staff, ensuring quick sharing of vital regulatory information through Regs4ships. This results in high crew retention and minimal non-compliance risk. Based in Buxtehude, NSB GROUP is a fleet operator with locations worldwide, established in 1982. The company offers various services, including technical and commercial management, crew training, insurance, engineering and newbuilding, managing a fleet of container ships and tankers.

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