Data Consultancy

Identify which datasets are relevant for particular vessels and regions of operation. Use these insights to customise solutions for your specific challenges.

Uncover the data that matters 

Access to the right data provides the critical insights needed to make voyages not only safe, sustainable and compliant, but also profitable. Informed decision-making for each vessel in your fleet requires contextualised information from all available datapoints. However, the sheer breadth and volume of data can make it difficult to identify the right data to enable the right decisions to be made. 

With Data Consultancy services, you have the guidance and expertise of LR OneOcean to identify the datasets most relevant to your ships and regions of operation. Making your insights fit for purpose and your voyages safe, sustainable and compliant.

Get greater insights for safe and sustainable voyages, with an approach to data built around your business. 


Key outcomes

Extract meaning 

By understanding your business challenges and what you need to achieve, our experts ensure you get more meaningful outcomes from your data.

Make decisions that count

Through tailored datasets and access to previously out-of-reach data, we uncover the insights needed for more confident decision-making. 

Get richer insights

By overlaying datasets from our APIs on screen, data can be interrogated for richer context. 

A collaborative approach

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve. We can then advise and customise solutions to your specific challenges.

Data shaped to your needs with OneOcean APIs

Through our three flexible API solutions, we can help you access previously out-of-reach data to navigate with clarity. These provide access to planned routes for all vessels in your fleet, a summary of environmental regulations in force at specific locations, and the latest port information and requirements.

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How can we help?

From our very first conversation to ongoing support, customisation, and development, we’ll be a partner who puts your needs at the centre of everything we do.