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With the Configuration module, shoreside teams can customise fleet and vessel settings and deploy them centrally. This includes passage plan inclusions, safety parameters, policy and equipment settings.

Set and deploy parameters that ensure total fleet compliance 

Overseeing fleet operations and ensuring compliance from shore can be a demanding task. It involves managing multiple vessels with different destinations and cargo, each facing varying obstacles on route. 

The Configuration module of OneOcean Operations lets shoreside teams customise fleet and vessel settings and deploy them to the vessels, all from within the Platform – giving you complete control from one place.

With the Configuration module, you can keep compliant from any location, with customisable fleet and vessel settings. 


Key outcomes

Added protection

To provide an added layer of company protection from violations and infractions, Configuration allows additional parameters for vessel omissions and discharges to be set above and beyond the standards of regulations in force.

Peace of mind

With settings tailored to the exact requirements of your vessels and voyages, your crews and stakeholders can be assured that onshore teams have compliance under control.

Policy parameters

With the Configuration module, shoreside teams are able to set customisations for vessels, overseeing everything with visualisations available through the Platform. These include parameters for passage plans, safety parameters and policy settings, such as wave height, wind speed and under keel clearance (UKC) minimum requirements.

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