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Passage Planning

Consolidate data, accelerate the planning process and automatically plot the most efficient route between destinations, including both port and anchorage points.
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Simple, efficient navigation

Voyage planning is a complicated and time-consuming process, requiring the careful consideration of multiple factors. OneOcean Navigation’s Passage Planning speeds up the process, by simplifying operations and combining all necessary passage information.

With the Passage Planning module, creating a detailed, compliant, passage plan is quick and simple, saving time and resources for busy ship leaders.


Key outcomes

Simplified passage planning

Through the Platform, you can visually create and assess passages of travel, perform calculations and tweak routes in granular detail, over layers of data. 

Improved compliance

Streamlining the creation of passage plans through the Platform helps you ensure compliance before you set sail. Created plans are designed to meet bridge procedure guides, navigational requirements, and the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Convention. It can be adjusted to meet the specifications of each vessel and requirements of the fleet.

Saved time

Using navigational, port, tidal and weather data, Passage Planning can create a fully customisable passage plan in minutes, saving hours of time for crew and navigation officers.

Meticulous detail

With passages of travel visible on the Platform, you can toggle the layers of information on and off as needed, presenting on-screen visualisations of charts, environmental status, weather and more. The result is effective, detailed voyage planning in one digital workflow.

Pair Passage Planning with Routing Optimisation

These two OneOcean Navigation modules work perfectly together to generate greater efficiencies in time, cost and fuel output.

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