Charts & Publications

Providing flexible and instant access for your outfit requirements – stay in control and compliant on voyage.

Stay on course with Charts & Publications

Having the right permits, for the right place and time is vital for safe and compliant travel in chartered areas.

OneOcean Charts & Publications gives you instant access to the publications and chart permits you need, exactly when you need them. It includes ADMIRALTY digital publications, Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) and Notices to Mariners (NTMs). By providing you with the flexibility to pay as you sail (PAYS) through an area or purchase multiple charts for a region in advance, Charts & Publications allows you to have full control over your outfit and keep your voyages compliant. 

Charts & Publications allows you to flexibly carry out your outfit management, onboard and between ship and shore. You can secure an adaptable voyage with the option to pay as you sail through an area, or purchase charts in advance.

Key outcomes

Complete clarity

Charts & Publications provides a simple way for you to view exactly what charts, permits and publications you have, what ones you need and when they need to be purchased.

Simple compliance

The Platform ensures you always have the most relevant outfit management in place to meet the compliance requirements of your voyage.

Straightforward management

Electronic chart outfits and corrections can be applied automatically through the Platform, and can be managed simultaneously alongside Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC), paper charts and Notices to Mariners.

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