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An intelligent digital framework that gives shoreside the oversight needed to promote a culture of safety and compliance.

A consolidated approach to risk mitigation 

Even with modern maritime technology, commercial seafaring is a high-risk endeavour. Stringent legislation from the ILO and IMO conventions are in place to protect all those involved, and infractions carry heavy fines, detained vessels, forfeited revenue and reputational damage. Having the right documents, policies and procedures in place and to hand, is crucial to ensuring compliance and safety.

The QHSE module of OneOcean SMS, provides an intelligent digital framework for managing and exchanging documents – such as Inventory of Hazardous Materials certification for arrival at port. 

The OneOcean QHSE module provides a framework to manage all compliance documentation, operationalising safety procedures and transforming processes.


Always up to date and compliant

QHSE includes setting protocols for emergency situations and deploys them to a vessel’s crew from shore, undertaking risk assessment, incident management, and the execution and management of inspections. Through it, teams on land and water can be assured that they have the most up to date information at their fingertips to support compliant operations.

Ready-to-go or tailored for you

QHSE is available as either a ready-to-go solution that provides built-in workflows for a standardised approach or tailored to fit with your existing workflows: 

A tailored approach to your SMS

Where existing workflows or processes dictate, the QHSE module can be tailored to suit the needs of your fleet through six different module options.

  1. Documents: Stores and manages policies, procedures, directives, work instructions and other QHSE documents. Ship Managers can share these to the fleet from this one place.
  2. E-forms: Configure forms in Microsoft Word or Excel and share them to be accessed, filled in and submitted by crews onboard.
  3. Incident & Actions: Configure any kind of form and reports such as MOC, loss, accident, near miss, non-conformity, corrective action, permits to work and safety meeting minutes.
  4. Audits: Provides a framework for internal audits and external inspections, like TMSA, ISM and OVMSA.
  5. Risk assessments: Simplify and strengthen risk assessment procedures with a toolbox for keeping health, safety and environmental risk onboard to a minimum.
  6. Analytics: Allows the information exchange to a customer’s data warehouse to be simplified and automated – making it more accessible and easier to analyse and manage for better decision-making.

A ready-to-go QHSE framework

This comprehensive solution provides a streamlined approach to ensuring your vessels, policies and practices are kept in line with current ISM code. Automation reduces management time, while ensuring compliance and QHSE performance. 

Integrated as part of your safety management system (SMS) it makes communicating instructions or sending policies to your vessels simple – so your fleet is always up to date.

Aids prioritisation

Built-in automation features help teams quickly get a clear overview of the areas in need of attention. This lets them make informed decisions about where to prioritise time and resources, simplifying the process of managing large volumes of documentation.

Our solutions

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    Certificate Management

    Give crew and shore-based teams 24/7 access to digital versions of all vessel certifications, from a single, centralised location.
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    Safety Management System

    Connect your teams with the vital information they need to ensure compliance and safety via an intuitive Safety Management System.

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