Crew Planning & Payroll

Streamline the processing of employee information, minimise communication efforts and enable better planning.

The all-in-one solution for professional crew management

A ship’s crew is a valuable asset. Proper planning of resources and onboard needs must be carefully considered, for them to perform at their best. 

OneOcean’s Crew Planning & Payroll module, also known as Cloud Fleet Manager, connects on and offshore teams, streamlining the processing of employee information, minimising communication efforts and enabling planning and compliance. Direct integration across all departments simplifies the crew administration processes. This includes payroll, travel expenses and monitoring crew certification to ensure compliance with complex international company charter or vessel specific standards. 

Via the LR OneOcean Platform, you can manage personnel data, plan shifts and schedule crew changes, and even integrate third-party agencies to support processes. Detailed reporting and auditing are tailored to meet specialist nautical requirements – like the officer’s matrix for tanker crewing and rest period documentation. 

Through one intuitive, connected platform, Crew Planning & Payroll gives you the relevant information to support crew management and ensure they’re always well prepared.


Key outcomes

Comprehensive payroll

Via the Platform, captains can easily calculate salaries and deductions and synchronise them with onshore teams. 

Detailed planning

Crew selection is simplified thanks to intelligent proposal functionality. Additionally, an officer’s matrix ensures selected crew comply with Oil Major’s requirements.

Templated crew documentation

Simply select the attributes that need to be included within standardised crew documents and they’ll automatically be generated for you. 

A crew portal 

Provides a single access point for seafarers’ personal and relevant company information. 

Keep track of crew health

Record the crews’ medical history and record examination results, medication, current health status, and support medication management, through the mobile app. 

Simplify handling onboard cash 

Just set up your default currency cashboxes ashore and synchronise to your fleet. 

Leverage crew strengths

Identify individual expertise efficiently so that you can find the right crew for an assignment.

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