Crew Logistics

Provides one simple interface for managing crew movements, information and resources, so you can respond to crew changes with speed.

Crew Logistics – mobilising your crew

Having the right crew in place is critical to a successful voyage. They are pivotal to operations – reducing maintenance costs and handover times and helping to ensure vessels and their cargo arrive on schedule. Getting crew from shore to ship and home again, and correctly accommodating them onboard, is important to both overall business efficiency and their wellbeing. A team that is prepared and supported, is in the best position to complete its duties to the highest level.

OneOcean Crew Logistics, part of Cloud Fleet Manager, provides one simple interface to book flights, arrange onboard accommodation and access important crew information. As a result, it simplifies processes, reduces manual effort and helps to support crew management. Plus, with all crew-related information connected in one place, you can be quick to respond to sudden changes in crew or last-minute charter requests. 

With OneOcean Crew Logistics, you can manage crew movements efficiently and effectively.


Dynamic crew management

To support crew planning, all information about crew availability, performance, contracts and validity of documents can be found on the Platform. 

Accommodation management 

Simply create a visual overview of all cabins and bunks onboard via the Platform, then manage and plan their occupancy ahead of upcoming voyages digitally with ease. Cleaning and maintenance can also be planned through the tool.


The Platform links directly to flight booking systems. This allows you to see what crews are onboard and when, and then plan travel accordingly via one interface. Streamlining logistics and helping you quickly respond to last-minute crew changes.

Stay ahead of crew changes

A clear visual display indicates when crew changes need to be prepared.

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