Route Optimisation

Utilising comprehensive datasets, live information and AI algorithms, OneOcean Navigation’s Route Optimisation removes the complexity from voyage optimisation by identifying the most time, fuel or cost-efficient route for your voyage.

An intelligent approach to planning

Voyage planning is a complex process that requires the consideration of multiple factors. The Route Optimisation module accelerates this process, simplifying areas of complexity by crafting the best route for your vessel, according to comprehensive, editable parameters and the latest weather forecast. 

Informed by your parameters, Route Optimisation can help you easily plan an efficient, secure route that’s optimised to your vessel and voyage requirements. 


Key outcomes

Voyage appraisal

With all relevant information on a proposed voyage in one place, it’s easier to ascertain risks and evaluate critical areas. 

Contextualised data

Lets you plan voyages with full visibility on all relevant factors, including navigation, weather, regulations and more.

Voyage optimisation

Allows comparison and evaluation of routes based on up-to-date factors and your inputted vessel parameters.

Simplified voyage planning

By drawing on key voyage details, the Route Optimisation module consolidates maritime data and enables you to optimise by time, cost and fuel consumption. Ship leaders can see how a proposed route will be affected by all relevant factors, including vessel status, navigational hazards, weather conditions, environmental areas, regional regulations and more.

Pair Route Optimisation with Passage Planning

These two OneOcean Navigation modules work perfectly together to generate greater efficiencies in time, cost and fuel output.

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