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Document Management

A digital approach to document management with information synchronised in real time for smarter working.

Transforming your operational processes

The role of documentation in maritime is essential in standardising safety and mitigating risk for fleets. But the sheer volume of documentation that must be ascertained, filled in and made available for every maritime voyage can create hours of additional work for crew and onshore teams.

To ensure safety and compliance, this documentation must be up to date and relevant for each crew, cargo, vessel and voyage. And, with audits and inspections commonplace, it’s vital that proof of the latest, relevant documentation is made available upon request.

Without an organised and centralised way to manage it, the distribution and maintenance of documents at scale can be a significant challenge. 

The OneOcean Document Management module removes the need for complex paper trails, replacing inefficient and decentralised methods of document exchange and maintenance with one streamlined workflow.

With Document Management, you can take a digital, holistic approach to document management.


One streamlined workflow

Remove the need for complex paper trails with one streamlined workflow. Documents are digitally kept up to date and synchronised in real time, so teams can work smarter.

Supports a range of documents

Accessible via the LR OneOcean Platform, the Document Management module supports the creation of everything from certificate management and forms to checklists and risk assessments. 

Control access

Documents can then be made open to all or selectively accessible to control the flow of information. This can help ensure all paperwork is verified by relevant team members. 

Document management modules

Six modules are integrated into Document Management, helping shoreside teams better monitor onboard activity across fleets.

  1. Documents: Stores and manages policies, procedures, directives, work instructions and other QHSE documents. Ship Managers can share these to the fleet from this one place.
  2. E-forms: Create forms in Microsoft Word or Excel and share them to be accessed, filled in and submitted by crews onboard.
  3. Incident & Actions: Configure any kind of form and reports such as MOC, loss, accident, near miss, non-conformity, corrective action, permits to work and safety meeting minutes.
  4. Audits: Provides a framework for internal audits and external inspections, like TMSA, ISM and OVMSA.
  5. Risk assessments: Simplify and strengthen risk assessment procedures with a toolbox for keeping health, safety and environmental risk onboard to a minimum.
  6. Analytics: Allows the information exchange to a customer’s data warehouse to be simplified and automated – making it more accessible and easier to analyse and manage. Ultimately, this provides excellent insights for quality decision making and process improvements.

Simple and intuitive

Easily create a range of documentation from certificate management and forms to checklists and risk assessments. Documents are digitally kept up to date and synchronised in real time.

Our solutions

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