Preparing mariners with the insights needed to stay compliant, while safely and efficiently navigating every stage of the journey.
OneOcean Navigation facilitates efficient, safe and compliant voyages, seamlessly connecting ship and shore operations. Our modules include route optimisation, weather updates, charts and publications, passage planning, ports, piracy information and navigational warnings. Leveraging our expertise, extensive data coverage and scale, we simplify compliant planning and navigation, ensuring clarity throughout the journey.

Explore OneOcean Navigation

  • Passage Planning

    Accelerate and simplify your planning process with automatic route generation in OneOcean Navigation’s Passage Planning module.

  • Route Optimisation

    Explore how extensive datasets and AI algorithms in OneOcean Navigation’s Route Optimisation module can make your vessel’s journey more efficient.

  • Situational Awareness

    Explore the vital benefits of OneOcean Navigation’s Situational Awareness module and see how it could connect your teams and support your vessels.

  • Weather

    Get precise weather forecasts for specific voyage routes, in real-time and up to nine-days in advance, with OneOcean Navigation’s Weather module.

  • Charts and Publications

    Get flexible, instant access to everything you need for a compliant voyage, with OneOcean Navigation’s Charts and Publications module.

  • NavArea Warnings

    OneOcean Navigation’s NavArea Warnings module provides safety guidance on all 21 operational NavAreas, helping to keep your voyage efficient and safe.

  • Ports

    Access extensive data on port facilities around the world in a single platform, with OneOcean Navigation’s Ports module.

  • Piracy

    Stay ahead of pirate activity with real-time and historical data on incidents, available with OneOcean Navigation’s Piracy module.

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