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Ship Management

A flexible approach to managing all ship procedures, documents and logistics, providing simpler access to the right information.
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OneOcean Ship Management is a total solution that covers technical management and operations, and includes a widely trusted, automatically-updated Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS supports document, certificate and QHSE management.

Ship Management’s functionality extends to maintenance, purchasing, scheduling, charter management, and the integration of external stakeholders via a partner portal. The intuitive interface improves clarity and control. In an emergency, it provides detailed instructions, so a ship’s crew is immediately aware of what to do. It also digitises inspections and audits enabling more efficient decision-making.

It’s available off-the-shelf and ready to go or it can be highly customised according to your specific requirements. And because it’s cloud-native, it’s accessible anywhere, on any device.

Explore OneOcean Ship Management

  • Technical Management

    One platform for technical tasks including bunkering, procurement, maintenance management, external partner integration, and certificate administration.

  • Safety Management System

    Connect your teams with the vital information they need to ensure compliance and safety via an intuitive Safety Management System.

  • Operations

    Everything you need to run your fleet and its charters, including schedules and agent management, contract data and visualisations of fleet movements.

  • Document Management

    Remove the need for complex paper trails with a digital approach to document and information management, synchronised in real time.

  • QHSE

    Discover an intelligent digital framework to manage the exchange of QHSE compliance documentation. Available as a tailored or pre-set solution.

  • Certificate Management

    Give crew and shore-based teams 24/7 access to digital versions of all vessel certifications, from a single, centralised location.

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