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Technical Management

Brings together, prioritizes and coordinates internal and external stakeholders to deliver an optimal schedule of activities, all through one platform.
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Providing a clear view of critical operational processes

Maintaining vessels, so they run safely and efficiently while complying with evolving regulations, is a complex task. One that relies on effective collaboration across stakeholders and the coordination of various activities to keep the fleet in optimum condition and ensure safe working conditions for crew. 

Through the LR OneOcean Platform, the Technical Management module draws together the information and processes needed to simplify technical management for your fleet and ensure compliance. It enables seamless information sharing to optimise operations, address technical challenges and implement best practice.

With Technical Management you can manage and coordinate all your technical and maintenance planning activities from one convenient location. 


Stay in control of maintenance tasks

Get full visibility of your fleet’s maintenance status via one interface. Including the creation and distribution of maintenance tasks, equipment management and cashflow planning. 

Keep your OPEX in check

Collate and manage budgets, deal directly with suppliers and access real-time data. Through interconnected OneOcean Technical Management, you can see and manage every stage of the purchasing process. 

Centralise knowledge sharing

Having one central source of information for all employees helps to streamline processes and optimise workflows. It also ensures internal and external stakeholders have access to the information they need to support vessel maintenance and operational integrity. 

Connect information for connected fleets

Connecting teams through a shared platform ensures crew and onshore teams work hand-in-hand to deal with a range of administrative and technical tasks. This increased collaboration drives high-performing operations across ship and shore and minimises the risk of duplicated work.

Digital records and certificates

Digitised MARPOL electronic record books ensure efficient waste management onboard vessels, allowing you to track and record for Oil, Garbage and Ozone depleting substances, with pending submissions and their respective status available at-a-glance via the visual display. A digital library of all fleet certificates is also available, helping you manage certification and ensure compliance.

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