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Gain clarity and control, on ship and onshore, with instant actionable intelligence from the industry's leading digital solutions platform.
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Your maritime operations demand clarity and control in a world where the only constant is change. With Lloyd’s Register OneOcean (LR OneOcean), you gain access to the industry's leading digital solutions platform, providing real-time intelligence and enabling you to collaborate effectively, even when unexpected challenges arise. The Platform is designed to bring certainty into uncertain times, giving you the confidence to navigate each voyage with precision. 

LR OneOcean is the trusted partner that will help you simplify the complexities and solve the challenges of the ocean economy. We deploy our experience, scale and the largest R&D capability in the sector to give maritime businesses a safer, cleaner, and more efficient future.

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How do our real-time solutions address your maritime challenges?

  • Ship Manager

    See how we help you maintain an efficient fleet, demonstrate compliance in operations and keep everything on track when plans change.
  • Charterer

    Find out how to balance profitability against risk in every fixture to maximise revenue, spot opportunities and deliver on commercial targets.

  • Performance Manager

    Discover how to optimise vessel performance by driving efficiencies and reducing fuel consumption and emissions while remaining compliant.
  • Operator

    Find out how we help you oversee the execution of voyages and simplify your day-to-day operating challenges for maximum efficiency.
  • Crew Manager

    See how we help you ensure the right crew is in the right place at the right time — and that they are safe, well looked after and prepared.

See how LR OneOcean gives you clarity and control

Reduce risk and enhance the compliance, management and performance of day-to-day operations – on ship and onshore.
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