Certificate Management

Store digital versions of all vessel certifications in a single, centralised library.

A digital approach to ensuring fleet compliance

Having up-to-date certificates for all routes, cargo, equipment and vessels is essential for smooth and secure maritime operations. But with multiple vessels and complex compliance requirements to manage, ensuring every vessel and the equipment onboard have the right certification for passage is a time-consuming task. Without them, fleet operators face penalties, operational disruption and even reputational damage.

OneOcean’s Certificate Management module collates digital versions of all vessel and crew certifications and stores them in a single location. Crew and shore-based teams then have access to this library of information 24/7 via the Platform.

Enable employees to easily access the certifications they need and keep them updated with a centralised, digital library.


Automated expiry alerts

The solution automatically notifies users when certificates are about to expire, saving time and effort in tracking documents across fleets and minimising the risk of mismanagement.

For ease of monitoring, the dashboard shows the status of each certificate for every vessel with clear colour-coding, helping to identify when certificates are about to expire.

Audit ready

Certificate Management saves and dates all documents in one place, so it’s easy to access the certificates needed to demonstrate system management and compliance during audit and tender processes.

Empower crew to make updates

The Certificate Management module makes all certificate details and attachments available across departments. Crew members can actively participate in management by revalidating certificates issued onboard.

Assign responsibilities

Assign certificate responsibilities to employees or departments to ensure they revalidate certificates that are due to expire.

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