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Regulatory Compliance

A comprehensive, searchable database of official regulatory documents from multiple sources. Fully digital, it’s a fast and efficient way of accessing current data to make sure you stay compliant.
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Uniting regulatory compliance documentation

Staying compliant can be a complex and time-consuming process for seafarers. You need to have up-to-date regulatory documentation onboard, and it needs to be adhered to in relation to your vessel, its flag state requirements, and international regulations. The repercussions of getting it wrong can be significant, incurring both financial and reputational consequences.

The Regulatory Compliance module, also known as Regs4ships, is a fully digital toolset that combines a comprehensive, searchable database of official regulatory documents from multiple sources, including the IMO, ILO and numerous flag states.

With Regulatory Compliance, keeping up with new and changing regulations is a simple, streamlined process.


Key outcomes

Proves compliance

Regulatory Compliance is a recognised dataset for demonstrating compliance to authorities and regulators – showing that the necessary documentation is onboard and updated with the latest amendments. 

Saves time

With all data in one easy-to-access toolset, you can replace the manual process of sourcing, researching, collecting, reviewing, updating, distributing and tracking regulatory changes on a vessel-by-vessel basis.

Aids planning

The Regulatory Compliance module flags impending document changes 12-months in advance, helping you plan ahead and keep your procedures compliant.

Supports unique compliance needs

By only displaying information relevant to the unique compliance needs of your fleet, Regulatory Compliance cuts the time and resources needed to scroll through unnecessary documentation. 

A yacht-specific regulatory database is also available, known as Regs4yachts. This displays the regulatory documentation specific to yachts, helping streamline processes for crew.

Comprehensive content

Regulatory Compliance gathers regulatory documents from the IMO, ILO, and SOLAS. It also compiles documentation for regional, national, and international territories. Includes regulations for flag states with White List status and others under the Paris MoU Port State Control regime, into a single searchable database.

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