OneOcean and The Royal Netherlands Navy 


The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) is the naval force for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  They provide naval defense for Dutch territorial waters and work with allied and neighboring countries to ensure security in maritime territories around the world.  Their mandates include crisis management and providing humanitarian assistance to countries struck by natural disasters or conflict.  Their fleet consists of frigates, patrol vessels, minehunters,  submarines,  and other support ships.

The Challenge

The Royal Netherlands Navy needs to ensure that the vessel outfits across their fleet are always up to date. As such, they need timely and secure access to digital sources of maritime data such as ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts), ADPs (ADMIRALTY Digital Products) and eNPs (Electronic Nautical Products). RNLN also required an efficient and effective solution to manage and use these nautical products in the passage planning process.

The Solution

OneOcean provided the Royal Netherlands Navy with an effective and consolidated digital passage planning process that met their navigational requirements and facilitated planning.

Using the OneOcean platform, users simply enter parameters for an intended voyage, and the solution sources and gathers all the information needed to conduct a voyage appraisal in one place.  All charts and publications are drawn from official sources, which ensures that information is current and accurate.  Details for navigation, including relevant charts and digital publications are automatically displayed, ready for reference and purchase directly through the solution. 

The data is presented on one interactive, dynamic, customisable display that shows the complete voyage, allowing users to gain a full view, compare scenarios and understand all the variables that need to be considered as a route is planned.

The HNLMS De Ruyter is one of the RNLN’s highly advanced air-defense and command frigates, named after Dutch Admiral and historical figure Michiel de Ruyter.

The Results

OneOcean’s PassageManager is now used aboard RNLN vessels to conduct voyage appraisals, evaluate routes,  and easily access and purchase digital documents and charts needed for journeys. Crews access all the digital products they need directly through the solution and only select publications that are relevant to their vessel and location. The OneOcean team also procures new editions of publications and provides digital updates to existing ones, ensuring that vessel outfits are always up to date and outdated data is removed. 

Shoreside personnel use OneOcean’s FleetManager to monitor vessel operations, reference publications,  and approve purchases for their fleets’ outfits.  They can still easily monitor vessel ordering processes and manage budgets, while also verifying that vessels are suitably outfitted for their passages.  The result is a clearly established process to plan and order new digital products and maintain vessel outfits.  The Royal Netherlands Navy reports that their voyage planning procedures are standardised, safe,  and efficient.

Personnel can be trained on one process for gathering and analysing maritime data. All users are referencing the same information in a uniform format from verified sources,  ensuring consistency in data.  There is no doubt about the quality of data used, as OneOcean sources directly from the UKHO and other national and international maritime bodies. The risk of human error in the form of omissions, miscalculations or referencing out of date information is also greatly mitigated.

The Staff of the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy comments: “We enjoy working with the team at OneOcean Group because they are willing to listen to our needs and work with us to find a solution that fits our requirements. The team is highly available, helpful, and flexible in providing value.  The OneOcean platform also provides an efficient solution with synergies. We are confident that this solution will continue to benefit us.” 

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04 August 2021