The latest edition of The Ships Atlas is now available.

The 19th Edition of The Ships Atlas builds upon over 30 years of port information research to provide readers with location information and essential data on global ports and terminals.

Featuring the location and facilities available for over 15,000 commercial ports around the globe, The Ships Atlas remains the world’s most comprehensive, user-friendly and useful maritime atlas.

Three distinct sections are available starting with themed global maps on topic subjects such as MARPOL regulations, followed by over 60 pages of detailed map content displaying port and terminal locations, and finishing with the comprehensive port and terminal index. The essential supplementary information included within the index provides the exact port coordinates, official LOCODE, maximum size of vessel permissible by cargo type, nearest regional and international airports available for crew repatriation, refuelling availability, drydock availability and the nearest medical facilities.

What it enables

  • Access the precise coordinates of over 15,000 ports, harbours, terminals and facilities around the world.
  • Identify from port symbols the specific facilities are available at each port.
  • Gather details including maximum vessel size, fuel availability and services available from the index.
  • Determine the distance to other international ports using distance tables
  • Access consolidated information on Maritime Piracy Incidents, International Load Line Zones and Areas, Sensitive Sea Areas, MARPOL 73/78, Global Wind Patterns, Countries, Standard Time Zones, Ocean Currents, International Navigating Conditions, Global Distribution of Major Diseases and Shipping Chokepoints.

How to purchase

To purchase this latest edition, contact Terry King, OneOcean’s Global Operations Manager at [email protected]

01 March 2022