SeaTab by Marine Press Wins Microsoft IMPACT Award


SeaTab by Marine press won the Innovation with Hardware Award at the Microsoft IMPACT Awards event, held in Las Vegas on July 14. Microsoft and Marine Press have previously announced their commitment to collaborate. Their efforts are bringing solutions that combine the robustness and reliability of the Surface line of products with the connected navigational solution Sea Platform.

The SeaTab is a portable digital ENC viewer adapted to the award-winning Microsoft Surface line. SeaTab comes with professional-grade hardware and software not available with Surface consumer products. SeaTab comes in two versions: the full-sized SeaTab Pro, with a 12.3-inch display, and the compact SeaTab Go with a 10-inch display. As part of Sea Platform, customers using the SeaTab can count on a connected ecosystem of products that work together to bring an efficient collaboration between vessel and office.

“It is truly amazing that, among such top contenders, the SeaTab would be recognized by Microsoft for its strong impact to bringing digitization to the maritime industry,” said Captain Malcolm Soares, VP Asia Pacific at Marine Press. “Revolutionizing the maritime industry starts by listening to mariners, ship operators and owners. SeaTab was created directly as a solution to the challenges we heard from our customers. We listened and carefully crafted a solution that would leverage the best technology available. Today, SeaTab’s impact is being felt everywhere around the world, and the maritime industry’s reaction has been nothing short of amazing.”

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Event , Corporate , Maritime Digitization & Innovation

15 July 2019