In proud support of The Nautical Institute’s 50th Anniversary

The maritime industry has a rich history dating back nearly as far as humanity itself. Despite numerous technological advancements, its primary objective of transporting people and goods around the globe has not changed. This is as true for crews and their shoreside counterparts today as it was in 1972, and will continue to be the primary objective for the next 50 years and beyond.

Fuelled by globalisation and the emergence of developing economies, the last 50 years have seen considerable change in how maritime operations are conducted. Soaring trade volumes on a vast scale have necessitated considerable growth; new infrastructure, emerging technologies, an ever-changing regulatory framework, and increased awareness of environmental responsibility and crew welfare. During this time, The Nautical Institute’s dedication to supporting the maritime community with these challenges has continued unabated and we at OneOcean Group are proud to celebrate this dedication as platinum sponsors this year.

The challenges faced by members of The Nautical Institute are mirrored by our customers and the industry at large. Increasingly, ship owners and operators are looking to digital solutions to provide greater simplicity and cohesion of navigational, safety, compliance and environmental events when planning voyages. Having access to the relevant information to hand at the right time is essential for successful, agile, and safe voyage planning. With so many people, regulations and moving parts involved in global vessel operations, shared access to timely, accurate data is of paramount importance.

Our goal is to continue to supply crew and shoreside teams with leading solutions to minimise the workload required to research and plan for operational events, and we aspire to share our holistic approach with members of The Nautical Institute in the hopes they too can benefit from the connected workflows our solutions facilitate between ship and shore.

We look forward to taking part in the series of global events The Nautical Institute are hosting for their members, where we hope to not only contribute to the narrative, but also develop a deeper understanding of the current challenges faced by the seafaring community.

Thank you to The Nautical Institute for their dedication to mariners these last 50 years. Wishing you a wonderful year of celebration ahead and every success going forward!

01 April 2022