Maintaining the supply of Charts and Publications


Coronavirus is posing a number of challenges to the industry, from safety to accessibility of goods. At present we are able to maintain our current paper-based shipments from our warehouses in the UK, Montreal and Singapore. We cannot though guarantee how long we can sustain this, given changing Governmental regulations. Recent closures of some operations, such as the IMO, mean availability of stock will also become limited. The additional logistical challenges with flight reductions and border closures further increase the concerns on paper and physical products being able to reach your vessels’ and offices.

During this global crisis, we want to work with you to ensure that all your vessels’ can receive the charts and publications that they require to continue to sail safely and compliantly. The most effective way to enable this is to deliver these charts and publications in a digital form.

Whilst an increasing number of our customers are already paperless, many still take charts and publications in paper form. In these unprecedented times and given the potential challenges of paper-based deliveries, we would like to work alongside you to ensure your vessels’ safety and security. Through our OneOcean platform and B2B delivery service or our Regs4ships and SeaTab products, all of your required charts and publications can be set up for automatic digital delivery without the need for human intervention.

If you have any concerns around paper chart and publication deliveries and would like to understand how we can better support you in a digital format, please reach out to your sales person or customer relationship manager. Our only desire is to work with you to reduce the number of potential issues that we will collectively face over the coming months. We are here to help.

We have set up a free web page that provides live updates on Coronavirus guidance and incidences affecting the maritime community. Visit: OneOcean Coronavirus Updates

Stay Safe!

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24 March 2020