General Categories

The information about General procedures are categorised under a number of headings. Details of the types of information included within the structured categories is available below.


  • In cases where a port or terminal is handled by a sole Agency, the name and address of that Agency with contact details


  • At the foot of many of the ports, we have an additional heading entitled Agent
  • The aim of this section is to provide prompt access to an experienced Agent at the port concerned
  • It will be understood that such Agents are not necessarily the only Agent at that port, however, demands on available space preclude the inclusion of more than one. We trust that other companies will understand the position


  • Notices such as ETA pre-arrival formats and other official forms for completion by Shipmasters and officers


  • Name and contact details of local and national port authorities or port operators


  • Details of expected draft increases, new installations, berths, etc., expected in the foreseeable future, together with expected dates of completion


  • Any information that may be of value to the Shipmaster and that is not covered by other sections


  • Information is earnestly sought from shipmasters and other serving officers giving corrections, amendments and additions to existing information, together with their professional advice or comment upon recommended or required procedures for entering or sailing from port, including advice of their experience of the port, either generally or specifically

Special Headings

  • Useful items of experience and suggestions of other shipmasters are of great value and will be printed under a special heading
18 August 2021