Communication Categories

The information about Communication procedures are categorised under a number of headings. Details of the types of information included within the structured categories is available below


  • Action necessary to obtain pratique, or in the event of any suspected disease or fever on board
  • Pratique procedure and in what circumstances pratique is automatic, for example after calling at another port in the same country

Pre-Arrival Information

  • Name and call sign of radio station through which it is best for a vessel to route ETA cables to Agent, receivers, etc
  • Any necessary pre-arrival information
  • Details of email, fax and telex communication with vessels


  • Fullest possible data concerning VHF radio communication facilities in operation at the port, including advice required from vessels approaching the port, arriving at the port, when manoeuvring within the port area, and when sailing
  • Details of standard communication procedures and numbers of channels used in calling, further communication and safety, as may be applicable with respect to pilotage, tugs, Port Authority, quarantine or other craft or shore-stations


  • Name, geographical boundaries and VHF channels of any Vessel Traffic Management Service (VTS) operating within the port’s limits
  • Details of existing port radar service
19 August 2021