Arrival Categories

The information about Arrival procedures are categorised under a number of headings. Details of the types of information included within the structured categories is available below.


  • Boundaries in latitude and longitude, areas, type of seabed and depths of safe anchorages.


  • Details regarding the approach to the port/terminal in relation to buoyage, racons, depths, shoaling and approach channel dimensions.
  • Whether there are any manoeuvring areas or turning basins in the port.


Any requirements whereby a vessel may be required to proceed to anchor on arrival to gain clearance, position in latitude and longitude where a vessel is considered to have arrived at the port.

Requirements for Notice of Readiness.

Deep Sea Pilotage

  • Detailed information where there is a requirement or facility available for pilotage services beyond the port limits, such as in the Baltic and English Channel.


  • Manner in which vessel approaching the port applies for a Pilot
  • Contact information for pilot station
  • ETA required
  • Description of pilot boat
  • Particular light or sound signals to be made by vessels requiring a Pilot
  • The exact area where pilot boat is located or where the Pilot is taken on board
  • Any alternative area in the event of bad weather and when pilot boat not on usual station
  • Details of any specific requirements on the part of Pilots with respect to boarding and safety measures
  • Location of anchorage for vessel awaiting a Pilot
18 August 2021