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Emissions Management

Keep your fleet compliant and minimise your financial exposure under the new EU ETS regulations with OneOcean Emissions Management.

Keep your fleet efficient with Emissions Management

With the maritime sector now included in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), shipowners, operators and charterers are subject to the world’s first carbon pricing on shipping. This impacts all vessels that travel in EU waters, so now is the time to optimise your fleet’s performance to minimise the financial impact on your business and ensure compliance with new regulatory standards.

OneOcean Emissions Management provides the insights and technical expertise needed to meet EU ETS requirements. Using advanced analytics, we precisely estimate annual voyage emissions to provide accurate allowance allocations, and then monitor real-time emissions against these allowances so adjustments can be made to ensure adherence. Combining route simulation, vessel monitoring and post-voyage reporting, we give you the data-driven intelligence to improve efficiency, support compliance and reduce the financial burden of EUAs on your business.

Key outcomes

Holistic oversight

Comprehensive monitoring delivers a 360-degree view of all EU ETS activities, ranging from a vessel’s emissions data to compliance status.

Real-time decision-making

Our Vessel Operations team leverage real-time data to help you make proactive decisions about your vessel operations, minimising your exposure to ETS.

Risk mitigation

Proactively identify and mitigate potential compliance risks before they become a problem. Timely prevention reduces the likelihood of penalties and ensures robust adherence to EU ETS.

Dynamic adaptability

Our Vessel Operations Centre scales with the growing complexity of the EU ETS requirements, ensuring we can support every vessel use case.

Accurate allowance estimate

We establish the EU ETS requirements for your vessel and provide a precise estimation of its voyage emissions allowance. Using advanced data analytics and machine learning ship modelling, we consider historical emissions based on factors such as distance, fuel type and operations, to accurately anticipate and allocate the EU certifications needed to travel through a particular route of passage.

Act now and operate with confidence

Gain strategic advantage and prepare for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Be future confident

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