Real-time performance management

Optimise vessel performance while staying compliant, flexible and managing every disruption.

With so much uncertainty in the maritime industry, you can be sure about one thing: The Lloyd’s Register OneOcean (LR OneOcean) Platform gives you accurate vessel performance intelligence. Enjoy the advantage of in-depth data analytics, advanced vessel and route modelling, and always staying up-to-date with emissions regulations.

With LR OneOcean, you can reduce fuel consumption, optimise voyages and continuously find efficiencies, while remaining flexible enough to manage any disruptions.

How do our real-time solutions address your maritime challenges?

Connect fragmented data streams

To save time and reduce errors associated with sifting through disparate datasets, the LR OneOcean Platform centralises data streams to provide a comprehensive view of vessels and their performance metrics.

Real-time performance monitoring

Making good decisions for efficient voyages relies on good information. We help your operations run smoothly with real-time tracking, enhanced situational awareness and route optimisation advice from expert Master Mariners.

Trust in data with integrity

Manual data entry and multiple data sources can lead to errors or outdated information. The Platform automates data collection and checks for data verification, ensuring the metrics you have are accurate and up to date.

Navigate emissions compliance

New regulations affecting vessel performance standards are introduced frequently, so it's easy to fall behind. With LR OneOcean, you stay up-to-date with every change, to ensure compliance with all current regulations.

Discover our solutions for Performance Managers

  • Perform


    Optimise your vessel performance with in-depth data, accurate vessel modelling and expert advice from Master Mariners.
  • Manage

    Ship Management

    A flexible approach to managing all ship procedures, documents and logistics, providing simpler access to the right information.
  • Manage

    Technical Management

    One platform for technical tasks including bunkering, procurement, maintenance management, external partner integration, and certificate administration.

See how LR OneOcean gives you clarity and control

Reduce risk and enhance the compliance, management and performance of day-to-day operations – on ship and onshore.

How do we address the challenges of other maritime professionals?

  • Ship Manager

    See how we help you maintain an efficient fleet, demonstrate compliance in operations and keep everything on track when plans change.
  • Charterer

    Find out how to balance profitability against risk in every fixture to maximise revenue, spot opportunities and deliver on commercial targets.

  • Operator

    Find out how we help you oversee the execution of voyages and simplify your day-to-day operating challenges for maximum efficiency.
  • Crew Manager

    See how we help you ensure the right crew is in the right place at the right time — and that they are safe, well looked after and prepared.

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