Real-time crew management

Ensure your crew is safe, well and prepared with effective and efficient crew management.

With constant change in the maritime industry, balancing the needs of your crew with the demands of regulatory compliance and the operational requirements of the vessel is a true challenge. The Lloyd’s Register OneOcean (LR OneOcean) Platform helps you stay up to date with all training, certification and documentation. This improves crew motivation and retention rates, and reduces time looking for the right people.

Navigate the complexities of crew management with LR OneOcean, to ensure you always have the right crew in the right place at the right time — and that they are safe, well looked after and prepared.

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Discover how NSB Group, a prominent ship management company, has transformed compliance practices for their crews fleet-wide.

How do our real-time solutions address your maritime challenges?

Coordinate crew changes with ease

Inefficient scheduling leads to overlapping crew changes, unnecessary administrative costs, visa complications and increased risks. Our Platform streamlines scheduling and offers advanced tools for long-term crew planning and the execution of crew changes.

Monitor work/rest compliance

You need to monitor the observance of work and rest hours, which is crucial for both legal compliance and crew wellbeing. The Platform gives you visibility of your crew's hours, and helps you maintain compliance with international regulations and OCIMF recommendations.

A fully certified and qualified crew

Keeping your whole workforce up to date with certifications and qualifications can be a daunting task. We make it easy by centralising the storage of all crew documentation on our Platform, with alerts for expiration dates for a compliant crew.

Effective documentation and reporting management

Alleviate the challenge of generating reports and managing crew-related documentation with LR OneOcean. We streamlines and simplifies document management with a centralised system and offers an array of standard reports essential for daily crew operations.

Discover our solutions for crew managers

  • Manage

    Crew Planning & Payroll

    Manage all crew-related procedures in one place. Streamline processing of employee information, minimise communication efforts and enable better planning.
  • Manage

    Crew Work Rest

    Easily plan, manage and report on crew’s rest hours compliance through the Platform or utilise the capabilities of ISF WatchKeeper.
  • Comply

    Regulatory Compliance

    Obtain comprehensive regulatory data from the IMO and ILO, including regulations for flag states with White List status and those under the Paris MoU Port State Control regime.
  • Manage

    Document Management

    Remove the need for complex paper trails with a digital approach to document and information management, synchronised in real time.

See how LR OneOcean gives you clarity and control

Reduce risk and enhance the compliance, management and performance of day-to-day operations – on ship and onshore.

How do we address the challenges of other maritime professionals?

  • Ship Manager

    See how we help you maintain an efficient fleet, demonstrate compliance in operations and keep everything on track when plans change.
  • Charterer

    Find out how to balance profitability against risk in every fixture to maximise revenue, spot opportunities and deliver on commercial targets.

  • Performance Manager

    Discover how to optimise vessel performance by driving efficiencies and reducing fuel consumption and emissions while remaining compliant.
  • Operator

    Find out how we help you oversee the execution of voyages and simplify your day-to-day operating challenges for maximum efficiency.

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