The industry leading regulations tool, saving time and improving insight for superyachts.

The Challenge

Keeping on top of all the regulations and requirements including IMO, MARPOL, publications and updates is a time-consuming task and, if it is not kept up-to-date, can result in delays, fines or even detentions. On most vessels, the crew’s time is often stretched across several tasks including those customer and guest related, making it challenging to dedicate resource to keeping on top of regulations.


One complete time-saving solution

Regs4yachts combines Flag State compliance documentation with IMO, ILO and EU legislation to provide one easy-to-use, integrated solution.

This industry leading tool eliminates problems with uncontrolled and out of date documentation, saving a vast amount of time whilst removing the risk of penalties and voyage delays. use, integrated solution.

Regs4yachts includes a search tool, keywords, subject index and, importantly, fully corrected content making the management of ever-changing regulations simple.


Information at your fingertips

Flag/IMO/ILO documentation can be difficult to find and are not always obvious. Regs4yachts recognises this by including an Associated Documentation section on every page, putting all related documentation at your fingertips.

What this enables

Time Saving

Drives crew time efficiencies, making it easier to focus on the customer and guests and other important crew tasks

Regulation peace of mind

Removing the requirement for extensive paperwork leading to improved efficiencies and peace of mind


Be clear on what can and cannot be undertaken, quickly and easily.

How it does this

Latest updates

The latest live regulation information, when needed

One simple tool

One simple and reliable tool that combines both international and Flag State specific regulation

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