LR OneOcean’s market-leading digital solutions platform is used aboard half the world’s SOLAS fleet. We continually strive to meet the current and future needs of the commercial, cruise and superyacht markets.


Plot and execute efficient, safe, eco-friendly, and compliant voyages from port to port. LR OneOcean offers an innovative solution for superyachts to effectively manage navigation and compliance responsibilities, enabling dynamic decision-making at sea. 

Solutions for the Superyacht market

  • Navigation

    Preparing mariners with the insights needed to stay compliant, while safely and efficiently navigating every stage of the journey.

  • Environmental Compliance

    OneOcean Compliance’s Environmental Compliance module supports voyage planning, with access to data from over 500 environmental zones and 170 nations.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Obtain comprehensive regulatory data from the IMO and ILO, including regulations for flag states with White List status and those under the Paris MoU Port State Control regime.

  • Technical Management

    One platform for technical tasks including bunkering, procurement, maintenance management, external partner integration, and certificate administration.

  • QHSE

    Discover an intelligent digital framework to manage the exchange of QHSE compliance documentation. Available as a tailored or pre-set solution.

  • Electronic Record Books

    Make record keeping more efficient, secure and accurate, with OneOcean Compliance’s Electronic Record Books module.


The LR OneOcean Platform is built to support every commercial vessel and fleet, onboard and shoreside, no matter what size. This includes tankers, bulkers, container ships, ferries, reefers and more.


LR OneOcean is a trusted leader within the cruise industry. Serving the top 20 major cruise lines worldwide, the Platform is used aboard small ships through to mega and expedition vessels.

Our solutions

  • Comply


    Make it easy to have continuous compliance, while protecting the ocean, at every stage of your voyage.
  • Manage


    Enable effective maritime management for safe, clean, efficient and profitable voyages.
  • Perform


    Optimise your vessel performance with in-depth data, accurate vessel modelling and expert advice from Master Mariners.
  • Integrate


    Provide the data to inform decision-making and power systems across the maritime industry.

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