Enabling shore-side teams to provide active support and monitor vessels at anytime and anywhere.

The Challenges

Providing effective support to vessels in passage planning and emergency situations can be difficult for shore-side personnel, particularly when the information received may be delayed or is missing vital elements.

Outfit management can be challenging across an entire fleet and it is essential to have full visibility, provide approvals in a timely manner and have information readily available for onboard usage.

Introducing FleetManager

Enabling shoreside teams to provide active support and monitor vessels at anytime and anywhere.

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Manage Your Fleet In Real Time

Using both satellite and terrestrial AIS tracking, FleetManager is a remote monitoring solution which offers real time intelligence and advanced situational awareness for complete fleet safety peace of mind.

In addition to our own AIS tracking service, FleetManager is also compatible with third-party platforms, which enables it to display your vessel positions from your tracking provider via an API.

What it enables

Operational Efficiency
Improves operational efficiency through automated communication and real time updates
Fleet Visibility
Track vessel positions and movements of fleet against passage plans
Emergency Assistance
Able to deliver active assistance at time critical moments by enabling shoreside teams to see what the vessel sees

How it does this

Fleet Monitoring

Monitor the status of a specific vessel or the full fleet with the live monitoring layer. This provides accurate vessel positions utilising AIS or GPS tracking, movements against approved passage plans and the ability to set up alerts for deviation notifications. Review, edit and approve vessel outfit requirements to ensure both data availability and compliance throughout the voyage.

Situational Awareness

See what the vessel sees using multiple layers including weather, charts, ECA zones and high-risk areas, giving onshore teams the ability to check in and provide contextualised and relevant support as needed.


Shoreside teams can customise fleet and vessel settings within FleetManager and deploy down to the vessel. These include safety parameters and policy settings such as wave height, wind speed and UKC minimum requirements; in addition to equipment settings onboard that inform the environmental regulations displayed to crew members – these can be bespoke to one vessel, type of vessels or the full fleet.

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How FleetManager provides value

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