Passage Planning

OneOcean makes voyage planning more effective and efficient. Its intelligent software collates, integrates and analyses marine information, both on board and ashore to provide accurate and up to date information to advise decision-making.

A Collaborative Approach to Passage Planning

Planning a route is a complex and time-consuming task for crew and shore-side teams. With many factors to take into consideration, such as port, tidal and weather data as well as multiple stakeholders involved in the process, it can require a considerable level of resource and ongoing management.

The integrated OneOcean platform facilitates collaborative navigation planning, consolidating all the data required in one easy-to-use interface and providing a shared view to create a truly efficient workflow. Smarter situational awareness allows seafarers to optimise voyage planning and mitigate risk.


Optimise voyage planning

OneOcean’s Passage Planning solutions are automated, configurable and designed to drive efficiency. As real-time conditions change, such as the weather or NavArea warnings, navigation decisions can be quickly and readily reviewed, and adjustments made to the passage plan.

Voyage stakeholders can simulate potential navigational options and assess the commercial and regulatory impact of each option, in order to make better informed decisions.


Free-up crew time

With all the latest navigation data in one place, Passage Planning makes it simple and quick for crew and shoreside teams to collate all the required elements for creating an effective voyage plan.

A reduction in manual entry requirements reduces the potential for human error and time spent calculating elements of the plan. With data presented in the same geographical context, the impact of changes in circumstances and the environment on other parts of the voyage, can be easily identified and evaluated.


Reduce risk

The Passage Planning solutions provide insights to facilitate better decision-making. Its intuitive, step-by-step approach guides users through the navigation planning process to create comprehensive passage plans that conform to all compliance and procedural regulations.

Navigation plans are stored in one central place, accessible to both onboard and shore-side teams, ensuring full traceability. Plans can be created for future journeys, reviewed and optimised to support quicker voyage planning.


Increase transparency

The Passage Planning solutions provide shore-side teams and onboard teams with a common, shared view, so both can input into the navigation process and collaborate to ensure the efficient management of the vessel.


Customisable solution for all vessels

The OneOcean platform is designed for use on any vessel, large or small. Its simple interface and touchscreen-friendly operation make it user-friendly and intuitive. With various data delivery methods and license options, OneOcean’s software solutions can be customised for each and every vessel.


Simplifying Passage Planning

As the challenges surrounding passage planning continue to evolve, OneOcean is committed to finding ways to make life for its customers easier. That means maximising the advantages new technologies can offer, to bring new solutions for its customers and maritime stakeholders that simplify and support Passage Planning.

Key features:

Passage Plans can be created in minutes

Shoreside and onboard teams are able to view and provide input to ensure these are optimised

Consolidates all the data

Required for effective passage planning in one, shared view, enabling a truly collaborative approach to passage planning

Integrated Weather and Alerts

Latest weather forecast data incorporated to enable the best possible routes and piracy alert data to be viewed to apprise passage planning and ensure vessel safety

Incorporates insight

From the environmental solution to inform route planning, such as no-go zones, ECA zones, speed restrictions and vessel discharge regulations to ensure compliance with stringent international standards

Ship to Shore communication

Amends to published passage plans can be communicated to shoreside teams to facilitate tracking of vessel positions

Provides automatic alerts

Of deviations to approved passage plans, enabling rapid response in the event of an emergency

Integrates seamlessly

With other solutions available from OneOcean including Compliance, Safety and Environmental – to reduce duplication of work and cut down on any errors

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