Instant fleet-wide compliance at your fingertips.

The Challenges

Maritime companies often set policies for their fleets that exceed the minimum standards dictated by external regulating bodies. These policies can be broad in scope and hard to mandate aboard vessels.

Ensuring that these policies are clearly communicated and followed is a challenge for all levels of company management. Often, company regulations and standards are circumstantial, only coming into effect based on a vessel’s location, equipment and cargo level.

For onboard crew, it is difficult to know when company regulations are applicable and what compliance actions should be taken.

Fragmented information on policies and regulations causes confusion and is time-consuming to manage, increasing risk of error and inconsistency in how policies are followed.

Introducing EnviroManager+

EnviroManager+ equips shoreside teams with capability to deploy company policies and standards to vessels through position-based guidance. Download a short summary of the product below.

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A Customisable Solution

EnviroManager+ allows companies to set standards that can be applied across the entire fleet, by vessel type or by location.

Company standards, policies and regulations set in EnviroManager+ will appear to users onboard through the OneOcean platform.

Standardised View

Using EnviroManager+, companies can also custom configure how EnviroManager is viewed and used by crew aboard the vessel, with company policies appearing first, followed by external regulations.

By standardising the view that is used throughout the fleet, consistency across training can be implemented to enable smoother crew changeovers.

Active Timeline

The Active Timeline integrates with Voyage Planner to provide a granular view of navigational and environmental events taking place throughout a voyage.

The timeline is generated in the planning process based on parameters for routeing, ship specifications, schedules and company policies. Users can see environmental events broken down into a comprehensive list of waste streams that can be customised and grouped by a company’s specifications. Colour coded environmental events indicate what can safely and legally take place aboard a vessel during a rolling 12-hour window, based on the ship’s departure time, its current position and speed.

What this enables

Consolidated guidance
Clear instructions on what actions can be carried out shown all in one place
Instant updates
Web-based application allows shoreside teams to make and deploy changes that can be applied instantly
Mitigate risk
Build in higher standards of compliance requirements for your fleet to reduce risk of penalties or fines
Reinforce company policies
Put company policies and values into action with clear instructions on compliance protocols
Standardised view
Customise the view onboard to provide a familiar, standardised view across the fleet

How it does this

Positioning Tool

Clear guidance is transmitted to vessels based on their location, showing crew the most relevant information at the right time. Tiles can be configured from shoreside to be displayed in order of most important.

Active Timeline

All environmental actions can be seen in a timeline view that displays to the minute when different actions change status. The dynamic timeline is responsive to changes in vessel movements to ensure accurate guidance is always displayed. This provides a complete, big-picture view of environmental events taking place throughout a voyage which can be shared with engineering teams for a joined-up approach to waste management.

Authoring Tool

Shoreside teams can add company policies, that go above and beyond the regulations in force, into the EnviroManager display onboard. This customisable solution can be applied to any location, waste stream or bespoke category. Companies can set standards and rank them in the order in which they will be visible onboard.

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