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Harness the power of quality data – you choose when and how to use it

Knowledge is power

OneOcean has developed maritime-specific solutions for over 20 years. Our solutions are built on quality datasets that have been collected and continually expanded.

This data is now available for integration into your own systems, through APIs or working partnerships, to develop new software and accessibility methods.

API solutions

Access the best quality data, with complete control over how it is utilised in your systems – you choose what, how often and the quantity of data for your needs.

Our APIs are fully compliant with OpenAPI 3.0 standards, so it’s easy to embed our solutions into your business’s existing systems. By integrating our quality and verified data in a way that is tailored to your needs, you get a solution that’s fit for your purpose.

Empower your own systems and your teams to make better-informed decisions.

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Team up with us to help digitise the maritime industry. Combined, our skills and expertise could complement an existing product or bring an entirely new technology solution to market. Together, we can turn the limitations of existing technology and data into an opportunity for collaboration and differentiation.

We are also looking for partners to help us deliver or extend our existing products to the industry.

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Discover the potential of data-driven decisions

Whichever solution you choose, you can be confident that you’re accessing the most comprehensive datasets available to empower the highest quality decisions. Our solutions transform data into intelligent insights you can use to solve multiple issues in voyage planning and monitoring. You’ll also discover how valuable data can streamline compliance by simplifying operational processes, reducing risk, and providing valuable oversight.

With our solutions, your teams can benefit from integration between vessel workflows – increasing team efficiency and saving you time and money.

Go above and beyond with the maritime industry’s leading decision-making technology.

The OneOcean Philosophy


We bring all the data together into function and feature-specific categories.


The data stream is easy to access and deploy.


Flexible to your requirements, you pick the frequency, volume and data parameters. Data is updated as new regulations change, so you can always access the latest information.


The data is shaped to your view, providing context as needed to make informed decisions.

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