A portable ECS providing instant situational awareness of vessels at sea or in restricted waters

The Challenges

Captains and navigation officers rely on integrated bridge and navigation systems, such as ECDIS systems, to ensure a vessel, its cargo and crew, are delivered safely from port to port.

Should these electronic charts fail, or if tenders are required, having a portable ECS solution to hand can eliminate concerns and deescalate an otherwise critical situation.

How SeaTab resolves these challenge and more

How SeaTab Provides Value

Introducing SeaTab

  • A turn-key solution providing instant situational awareness and portable ENC viewing.

  • A portable solution giving the crew confidence of navigating on official electronic charts even away from the bridge.

  • Instant situational awareness with navigational visibility in real time.
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What this enables

Greater efficiency and visibility in navigational emergencies
Portable And Available
Keep abreast of the passage wherever located on a vessel
Emergency Response Tool
Supports emergency response actions with a 50NM situation awareness, enabling navigation to safety and avoiding potential collisions
Paper Free
Reduces paper chart inventory, saving time and money

How it does this

Easy-to-use Interface
Simple to use with no training required
Live Positioning
Live vessel position with AIS Pilot Plug or GPS unit
Video and Audio Communication
Video and audio recording capability for ship to shore communication
Aid in collision avoidance decision making in case of a navigational emergency
Mitigate Cyber Threats
Greatly limits the risk of cyber threats as a portable device with a locked version of windows and pre-loaded software

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