The industry leading digital regulations tool making it quick and easy to stay up-to-date and comply with maritime regulations.

The Challenges

Keeping up to date with multiple, ever-changing regulations is a complex and time-consuming task. It is a necessity to remain compliant.

There are also challenges in relation to collecting the data from multiple sources, interpreting how it impacts the vessel and ongoing management to stay abreast of updates and changes. This includes manually searching for updates across a variety of sources, some of which are not easily obtained, leading to human error and questions raised over its accuracy.

One central solution

Regs4ships provides the latest publications and regulatory updates in one powerful digital solution. Maintained by OneOcean’s team of professional mariners, Regs4ships is continuously updated with the latest Flag State and international regulations such as IMO, ILO and MARPOL. All updates and amendments are in real time, eradicating compliance risk, and the need to carry out manual searches.

What it enables

Mitigate risk

Reduce the risk by having the latest information and regulations in one place

Time saving

Avoid time consuming manual searching and updating

Demonstrate compliance

Make it easy to demonstrate to authorities, regulators and insurers that you are up-to-date

Forward planning

Enable forward planning with forthcoming amendments awareness

How it does this

Automatic updates

Automatically displays active and live information

Searchable data

Powerful search and subject index engine

Future proof

Be aware of forthcoming amendments

Regulatory library

Full library of archived regulations within easy reach

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