The industry-leading digital database of marine regulations makes it quick and easy to stay up-to-date and compliant with standards in force around the world.

The Challenges

Remaining compliant with complex and ever-changing maritime regulations is a common challenge for seafaring companies. Depending on factors such as flag state, vessel class, cargo, and location, ships must abide by a complex set of requirements and standards.

Within international maritime law, regulations are governed by the IMO, under conventions and codes such as MARPOL, SOLAS, COLREG and IMDG. Classification societies, flag states, nations and regions also have their own regulations which must be consulted as voyages are planned and executed. These marine rules play an important role in ensuring safety and establishing standards that protect crews, cargoes, vessels and the environment. The repercussions for non-compliance can be highly detrimental to maritime companies, from several standpoints, including financial and reputational.

At the same time, manually sourcing regulations from multiple sources and interpreting how changes will affect existing vessel operations is time-consuming and prone to human error. With the volume of maritime legislation in existence, it is easy for companies to overlook important details, resulting in unwitting violations.


Introducing Regs4ships

OneOcean’s industry-leading digital database of maritime regulations allows ship and shoreside teams to stay abreast of and compliant with requirements in force around the world.

The solution provides direct access to nautical publications, including IMO conventions, flag state legislation and national and regional maritime laws. It also notifies users of upcoming changes to legislation, so they can plan accordingly.

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One Central Solution

Staying on top of compliance is no small task. Many companies dedicate a great deal of time and effort to consulting existing marine regulations and sourcing new ones. Depending on where vessels sail, there are multiple sources to consult, analyse and scan for minor amendments.

Communicating regulatory changes to bridge crews, and ensuring direct, onboard access to the latest versions of all relevant regulations is a tall order for even the most organised shoreside teams.

Regs4ships alleviates this effort by collating digital versions of official nautical documents in one place. The solution is maintained by OneOcean’s team of professional mariners who continually source new regulations and track amendments to existing ones from official sources. Vessels receive these updates regularly through Wi-Fi connection.

What it enables

Mitigated Risk

Reduce the risk fines and penalties by proving to authorities that vessels have uninterrupted access to a database of regulations.


See a summary of all changes to regulations, categorized by flag state or other regulatory body.

Time Saving

Avoid manually searching for updates across multiple sources of regulations.

Demonstrated Compliance

Make it easy to demonstrate to authorities, regulators and insurers that you are up-to-date on the latest standards.

Peace of Mind

Decrease confusion about when and where regulations are in effect.

Better Planning

Plan for compliance in advance, with time to adjust operations and procedures.

How it does this

Single Source of Truth

Consult one up to date database of regulations across a wide array of topics, from multiple sources.

Automatic Notifications

See notifications for upcoming updates to regulations without having to dig through several documents.

Searchable data

Search by topic and themes across data from multiple regulatory bodies with powerful search functionality.

Future proof

Be aware of forthcoming amendments and plan operations accordingly.

Comprehensive Database

Full library of live and archived regulations across multiple sources within easy reach.

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