An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for planning routes quickly, safely and efficiently.

The Challenge

Planning a route is a complex and time-consuming task for crew, requiring a considerable level of resource and ongoing management. This can often prevent crew from completing other tasks on the vessel. Small changes and adjustments to a passage plan can also take a vast amount of time to input, leading to errors and omissions.

Planning passages manually to calculate all the requirements such as waypoints, nav area warnings, weather and outfit management requirements is complex. The multiple aspects to consider can lead to errors and omissions in information.

Faster, smarter e-navigation

PassageManager is an automated, configurable passage planning tool. The synchronisation with outfit management shows the charts that are required for each step of the journey, those that are in the current outfit management and those that will be needed. This makes it easier to add them to an order ensuring they can be accessed quickly and digitally.

Using, port, route, tidal and weather data, PassageManager can create a comprehensive but fully customised passage plan within minutes.

The passage plan is designed to meet bridge procedure guides, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and can be varied to meet the requirements of each vessel across a fleet. Once complete, plans can be saved, exported and recalled for quick usage and modification at any time.

Improved insight and safety

PassageManager makes it easier and quicker for crews to collate all required elements for effective passage planning. Flexible and up-to-date, PassageManager adjusts to the real time conditions including environment and weather, providing improved insight.

What it enables

Reduce risk

Passage plan with accuracy, configurable to vessel and business needs, responsive to changes in circumstances and environment

Crew time

Free-up crew time spent on creating, updating and adjusting passage plans

ECDIS compliant

Create ECDIS compliant, customised passage plans in minutes

Key modules for complete navigation

Passage Planning

Complete complex passage planning within a fraction of the time of traditional methods


Manage paper and electronic charts simultaneously

Weather and route optimisation

Plan routes based on the best possible conditions and up-to-date forecasts

Publications Manager

Manage vessels’ outfit and corrections, catering for both digital and paper publications

Piracy Alert Data

View in-force warnings and recent piracy attacks in the vicinity of a vessel

NavArea Warnings

Apply a filter to see in-force warnings on your planned route

Automated Routing

Generate port-to-port routes offering multiple port calls

Port Data

Unlock up-to-date port data

How it does this

Easy to use

Simple interface and touchscreen-friendly operation

Generate routes

Generate a route between specific locations – ports or anchorages

Compare routes

Review routes side-by-side to make the best possible decision on which optimised route to take

Fully Integrated

Integrates with ADPs, ENCs, e-NP and ECDIS


Access an automatic UKC calculation derived from charted depth, height of tide, draft and CATZOC

New Editions

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