An intuitive and easy-to-use solution for planning routes quickly, safely and efficiently.

The Challenge

Planning and managing a maritime voyage is a complex and time-consuming task for ship leaders, requiring a considerable number of resources and several factors to consider. Drafting a Passage Plan can often pre-occupy bridge crew for some time, preventing them from completing and overseeing other tasks on a vessel.

Planning voyages manually and ensuring all requirements are considered – such as navigational waypoints, UKC, Squat, NavArea warnings, weather and outfit management – is complex. All of this data comprises a Passage Plan, a complex document of interdependent data that has been considered to create a detailed description of a vessel’s voyage from start to finish. Small changes to one section of a passage plan often implicate changes to other sections, which can easily cause errors and omissions.

Introducing PassageManager

PassageManager is an automated, configurable solution that allows users to plan voyages quickly, safely and efficiently. Download a short summary of this product below.

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Faster, smarter e-navigation

PassageManager is an automated, configurable, dynamic passage planning solution made up of several modules that, together, inform a safe, compliant voyage plan. The synchronisation with outfit management shows the charts that are required for each step of the journey and distinguishes those that are in the current outfit from those that need to be acquired. Charts can then quickly be purchased through the solution.

Using navigational, port, tidal and weather data, PassageManager can create a broad and fully customised passage plan in minutes.

The passage plan is designed to meet bridge procedure guides, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each vessel across a fleet. Once complete, plans can be saved, exported, and recalled for quick usage and modification at any time.

Improved insight and safety

PassageManager makes it easier and quicker for crews to collate all required elements for effective voyage planning. Users aboard can see thresholds set in accordance with company policies, such as UKC levels or weather limits, through visual alerts that flag when violations or near violations occur. Flexible and up to date, PassageManager self-updates with the latest environmental, weather, and navigational data, providing improved insight. Flexible and up to date, PassageManager self-updates with the latest environmental, weather and navigational data, providing improved insight.

What it enables

Reduced risk of breaching regulations

Passage planning is now accurate, configurable to the vessel and responsive to changes in circumstances and environment. This mitigates risk of violating safety and environmental regulations

Crew time

Free up time spent on creating, updating and adjusting passage plans and streamline processes that enable business agility

ECDIS compliant

Create ECDIS compliant, customised passage plans in minutes

Key modules for complete navigation

Voyage Planner

  • Complete complex voyage planning in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods
  • End to end route creation, including detailed waypoints that are fully customisable
  • Create dynamic routes that take ship specifications and manoeuvrability into account
  • View and compare optimised routes based on time, cost or fuel-efficiency
  • Create dynamic passage plans that are easily updated as circumstances change


  • Manage electronic and paper chart outfits and corrections simultaneously
  • View and manage ENCs, Paper charts and Notices to Mariners

Weather Optimisation

  • Plan weather-optimised routes with up-to-date forecasts
  • Set vessel thresholds for weather limits, including wave height, wind speeds and minimum distance from storms
  • Use the Weather Playback feature to view how weather patterns will affect a vessel along a route

Ports Data

  • View detailed port information, including terminal and berth data as well as services and facilities available at a port.
  • Ensure preparedness for berthing with access to port documentation and certification requirements.
  • Access port data, including port-specific weather forecasts, detailed information about preferred terminals and berths, and images depicting the layout of the port.

Publications Manager

  • Manage electronic and paper publication outfits and corrections

Piracy Alert Data

  • View areas where piracy attacks have recently been reported and risk is high

NavArea Warnings

  • See global Navigational Area warnings that are updated daily

How it does this

Generate routes

Generate a route between specific locations – ports or anchorages

Compare routes

Review routes side-by-side to make the best possible decision on which optimised route to take

Fully Integrated

Integrates with ADPs, ENCs and ECDIS

New Editions

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