Navigation API

As experts in maritime, we understand that having timely access to the right information is vital for efficient and compliant passage planning.

Power better passage planning 

The Navigation API easily integrates with your fleet management systems to provide the insights needed to plan and manage successful voyages.

It offers an easy way to access previously out-of-reach data, helping to support route planning with features that allow you to monitor and analyse passage plans. This includes reviewing historical planned passages or comparing planned versus executed routes. 

Access is tiered to different functions and levels of detail, allowing teams to seamlessly import planned routes into shoreside dashboards, overlay metrics along a plan, and more.

Through the Navigation API, getting fast access to the insights needed to make every voyage a success has never been easier. All the relevant information is ready and in one place.


Key outcomes

Accurate, reliable data

LR OneOcean’s dedicated team of maritime experts maintain rich data sets for you to draw on, in real time.

Efficient performance management

Every voyage plan can be monitored and reviewed for efficiency, safety, compliance and performance, through the API’s context rich data.

Total fleet control

Always have a bigger picture view of your fleet, with all route data available from a single source.

Monitor voyages with ease

The Navigation API enables you to monitor every planned route and its execution. Stay informed with custom alerts for specific route conditions, so you're prepared for every sea state and change in weather.

Uncover the data that matters with OneOcean Data Consultancy

With Data Consultancy services, you have the guidance and expertise of LR OneOcean to identify the datasets most relevant to your ships and regions of operation. By working together and understanding what you want to achieve, we can advise and customise solutions to your specific challenges – ensuring you get meaningful outcomes from your data.

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