Fleet Management

Enable informed decision-making by operationalising compliance

The Challenges

Shoreside teams face the demanding task of overseeing fleet operations. Supporting dozens – if not hundreds – of vessels, carrying various cargo and meeting different obstacles, is a challenge to say the least.  

We work with owners and operators to understand the unique challenges faced. Our goal is to help operationalise compliance and make it easier for you to fulfil your specific requirements.

Gain Perspective

We understand the importance of context in making accurate decisions for immediate and future impact. There are many factors to consider when managing fleet operations – from external regulatory requirements and internal commercial pressures to the day-to-day operations.

Unifying the different parameters provides you with the big-picture context needed to make appropriate decisions and realise operational compliance. This extends to receiving data back from vessels that can easily be analysed for trends and inform future parameters.

Operationalise Compliance

One of the biggest challenges for maritime companies is embedding the compliance requirements in such a way that they are easily understood and informed action can be taken in real-time.

OneOcean brings together internal and external requirements in an easy-to-use interface, so that at each stage of the passage planning process, compliance requirements are built in to operationalise decision-making. Additional policies can be uploaded to provide clear guidance in a single view onboard that go beyond the minimum requirements.

Simplify Voyage Decisions

In voyage planning and monitoring, alignment is required across all stakeholders to ensure a voyage is viable and compliant. Fleet Managers can set a range of parameters related to weather, equipment and minimum safety levels which are automatically applied to the passage planning process.

Users benefit from data that is already amalgamated in digital format with transparency between ship and shore. This ensures the right information for the vessel is built in as standard marking it easier to see the factors that affect voyage decisions at each stage and plan operations accordingly.


FleetManager makes it easier for teams to stay on top of vessel movements and see how voyages are progressing against pre-determined passage plans. The solution allows shoreside teams to access the same navigational data that crews aboard are viewing in OneOcean, providing much better situational awareness using both satellite and terrestrial AIS technology.

Shoreside teams benefit from insights that inform better communications with bridge leaders, improving planning and decision-making while also empowering support and collaboration.

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