Voyage Planner

The intelligent solution to plan routes, manage operational events and ensure compliance.

The Challenges

Voyage planning is a complicated process that requires consideration of many factors. In order to determine the best route from berth to berth and the safety and feasibility of a maritime journey, mariners must gather and consider several pieces of information.

Consolidating this data and what information is relevant is a
time-consuming process. To make matters more complicated, maritime publications, including charts and regulations are constantly updated.

After disparate maritime data has been gathered on elements like navigation, weather, environmental zones and ports, each variable must be considered in context to other variables and the journey as a whole. Without a solution that combines all of this data onto one display, navigational officers must go back and forth between these different data sources, slowly narrowing down the best route.

Introducing Voyage Planner

OneOcean’s Voyage Planner quickly plots automatic routes between destinations – both ports and anchorage points. Users simply enter their voyage details as well as their vessel parameters, safety thresholds and information on vessel manoeuvrability – the solution does the rest. A route is generated automatically and displayed on the screen along with a detailed, editable waypoints table.

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Information in One Place

All the information required in a comprehensive Passage Plan is presented on one screen. Users can select and deselect layers of information, including ENC data, weather, environmental zones, NavArea warnings, piracy risks, and ports. The display also dynamically updates with more information as the user zooms in, providing just the right amount of detail.

Detailed Event Timelines

Voyage Planner allows you to create Event Waypoints that can be used to add safety, compliance and operational events to the waypoints sheet. Examples include fuel changes, crew shifts and reminders to call port authorities. This provides one consolidated view of all events that must take place as the journey progresses to maintain efficiency, safety and compliance.

Route Optimisation

Drawing on information on the route, vessel and forecasted weather of a journey, Voyage Planner can optimise routes for time, cost and fuel. Each of these routes can be compared and further modified to suit your needs.


Dynamic Passage Plans

Once plans are finalised and ready for use, passage plans can be generated, reviewed and approved directly in the platform. Each section of the passage plan can then be further edited and regenerated at any time to ensure that the document always reflects the latest plan.

What this enables

Safer Voyage Planning
Establish a voyage planning process that incorporates all aspects of safety in one place to mitigate risk and arrive with the crew, vessel and cargo unharmed
One consolidated passage plan ensures that all aspects of compliance are accounted for
Improved Decision-Making
Visually integrated data provides a big picture view, allowing you to compare scenarios and assess the impacts of decisions

How it does this

Appraise in Detail

Consult charts and all other relevant sources of information necessary in the voyage appraisal process. Zoom in to access various data, with more detail available at high resolutions.

Optimise Voyages

Compare routes by time, cost, or fuel efficiency to enable informed decision-making around the optimal route for the voyage.

Generate Passage Plans

Generate a detailed, editable passage plan, ready for submission and easily regenerated if circumstances change.

See Data in Context

Assess multiple voyage variables and see how a vessel will be affected by weather. Overlay environmental zones, regulated areas, territorial waters and more to give a contextulised view of the passage. 

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