Flags and Classifications

Vessels are required to keep a written record of many things onboard during a voyage. In recent years, the list of requirements has expanded and shows no signs of slowing down.
The number of record books a single vessel needs to keep can become time consuming to manage. Factoring in the inevitable occurrence of omissions or unclear recordings, causing a delay in providing the information to relevant port state authorities, things can become costly.
Following MARPOLs approval of the use of electronic record books in October 2020, LogCentral is an ideal solution for keeping on top of the amount of data that needs to be managed. The proviso of this announcement however, was that Electronic Record Books (ERBs), are subject to approval by the Flag State. Some States require the approval of Classification Societies to enable the use of ERBs. Since MARPOL’s announcement, LogCentral has gained approval from the Flag States below.
LogCentral has classification approval from Lloyds Register, confirming that it conforms to all current legislation, including those instituted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and MARPOL .
OneOcean continues to work with Flag States and societies across the globe to expand the list of approved states and providing an efficient, accurate method of record keeping for vessels.

Ship Classification Society Approvals:

Lloyds Register

Current Flag State approvals: