Access, record and manage logbook entries in one place.

The Challenges

Record books are an essential but time-consuming part of working life. Providing accurate information to authorities in time-limited situations is an essential requirement for mariners. Omissions in information and delays in time taken to provide these can lead to penalties and, in some cases, can impact the basic operation of a vessel.

This data is held onboard for years and sharing them with shore-side teams can be difficult. Further to this, paper logbooks cannot be easily analysed or understood by shore-side teams, preventing them from properly planning and building in efficiencies.

Introducing LogCentral

Access, record and manage electronic record book (ERB) entries in one place. LogCentral enables quick and accurate completion of logbook entries. Transparency in the platform provides operational and management teams with instant access to all entries, conduct trend analysis and submit records to regulatory authorities.

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Industry Leading

LogCentral is an industry leading recording solution for recordkeeping, monitoring, reporting and compliance verification. Built with a clean, modern and easy to use interface, LogCentral will help manage Electronic Record Books, including those required by MARPOL such as recording Oil Record books, Garbage, Ballast Water and Ozone Depleting Substances.

Accuracy and Speed

LogCentral enables onboard crew to rapidly complete logbook entries with accuracy and ease. Operational and management teams have instant access to all logbook entries made across their entire fleet, meaning they can monitor fleet activity, conduct trend analysis and submit records to regulatory authorities.

Usable and Accessible

LogCentral collates a plethora of information into one usable and accessible data tool, allowing crews to make informed decisions and increase operational efficiency.

Flags and Classifications

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What this enables

Log and demonstrate compliance with accuracy and ease
Record Book Management
Access and manage electronic record books in one place
Performance Management
Analyse trends, compare vessels and set benchmarks
Instant Access
Operational and management teams have instant access to log entries across their entire fleet
Remote Auditing
Shore-side staff can remotely audit any record book at any time through FleetManager
Elimination of missing entries and reduction of incorrect entries

How it does this


The intuitive interface is clearly laid out and easy-to-use for anyone completing electronic record book (ERBs) entries. Users can access the relevant book quickly by selecting the appropriate ERB and either set up or complete a record entry. The automated system flags whether any errors have been made for threshold limits or overdue entries, supporting data accuracy and best practice.

Data Sync and Security

User permission levels are in place to provide appropriate sign-off and security management. All ERB entries are automatically synched across all workstations and to shoreside teams through encrypted data, making it accessible for review and compliance fulfilment.

Shoreside Reporting

All ERB entries, once signed off, are shared automatically to shoreside teams. Reports can be automatically created on a frequent basis to summarise the waste production status, entries onboard each vessel and review compliance fulfilment. Trend analysis can be undertaken to inform operational actions and plan maintenance work.

How LogCentral Provides Value

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