Keep up to date on the latest environmental regulations and reduce your risk of heavy fines.

The Challenges

Managing compliance with marine environmental regulations across a fleet is a complex undertaking for ship owners and operators. With an increasing number of rules and restrictions governing the world’s waters, maritime companies need access to regulations in effect in and around their voyage routes, to prevent faulty emissions, discharges, and other violations.

There are many regulations to track and abide by depending on the vessel type, its equipment, systems, cargo and above all, location. The majority of constraints related to pollution from ships come into effect in

specific areas, a fact that underscores the need for precise situational awareness.

Keeping track of all regulations, determining relevance, and ensuring that operations are adjusted accordingly is time-consuming, labour-intensive and risks errors. Even the most experienced mariner can misunderstand a baseline or forget to account for a protected marine habitat along a route. These common errors can lead to illegal discharges or prohibited presence in restricted zones, potentially resulting in heavy fines and devastating environmental implications.

Introducing EnviroManager

Ensure your teams aboard and ashore have the information they need to plan compliant operations along their voyages. Keep up to date on all environmental regulations in force and reduce the risk of infractions and heavy fines.

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Always In Compliance

EnviroManager is a simple, user-friendly module that allows users to visualise and understand where environmental regulations are in effect, to create plans that are safe and compliant. With data from over 500 environmental zones and 170 nations, EnviroManager has a robust database that is maintained by a dedicated team who actively search and verify regulations. The result is a much lower risk of faulty discharges and violations that lead to severe repercussions.

EnviroManager provides end-to-end clarity on all environmental requirements for regions along a route, enabling users to plan a fully compliant voyage with peace of mind.

What this enables

See the precise boundaries of environmentally protected areas on an ECDIS compliant digital interface
Better Planning
Plan operational events related to discharges and fuel emissions to ensure that actions are performed legally
Reduced Risk
Reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage from being caught violating regulations
Peace of Mind
All stakeholders view and access the same regulations, providing cohesion and reducing uncertainty
Environmental Management
Add to ISO 14001 environmental management processes
Strengthened Profile
Strengthen the environmental profile of the organisation

How It Does This

Visual cues

Easily understand what environmental actions can and cannot be undertaken for a specific waste stream at a given location. Use to inform discharges along a route with the traffic light display identifying ‘in force’ regulations with green for allowed, amber for allowed with restrictions and red for not allowed. Display can be configured to the vessel type and equipment on board for relevancy of action required.

Collated data

Visualise environmentally regulated zones as highlighted areas on the same display used to plot navigational waypoints, view weather forecasts and assess other risks. Collated data in one view with multiple layers for cross-reference and efficient planning processes.

Linked regulation

Crew onboard can view ‘at-a-glance’ regulations in force using the tiles, click through for a summary and further to the fully linked regulatory documents for each waste stream. All regulatory information is monitored, verified and updated by our dedicated inhouse environmental team to enable informed action onboard.

Shoreside visibility

Shoreside teams can visualise and understand where environmental regulations are in force, providing real-time situational awareness of the vessel position.

How EnviroManager Provides Value

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