Empower your own systems with OneOcean data

Make Better Decisions With Data

At OneOcean, we put data and customers at the heart of everything we do, and our API solutions are no different. 

Our APIs give you access to previously out-of-reach data, for valuable insights and more informed decision-making. With access to high quality data, you’ll have the

power to achieve more for your business. The navigation, ports and environmental API options are easily embedded into your business’s existing systems. This means you can integrate our data quickly and efficiently in a way that is tailored to your needs. You also get a solution that fits into your existing processes and ways of working. 

Easily Integrate API Solutions

Our expertise in maritime software means that we understand the pressures you’re under and the challenges you face. That’s why our APIs are designed to help you meet the demands of safety and risk, situational awareness, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Our latest APIs are fully compliant with OpenAPI 3.0 standards, providing you a quick and smooth integration experience with different technologies and state-of-the-art online documentation.

Navigation API

Our Navigation API provides an easy way to access data for planned routes for all vessels in your fleet. Use it to find passage plans based on various criteria, or to compute something else, such as detecting which passage plan a vessel is executing or current voyage progress. Access is tiered to different functions and level of detail, allowing teams to seamlessly import planned routes into shoreside dashboards, overlay metrics along a plan, and much more. Our Navigation API connects onboard OneOcean users to external fleet management solutions.

Environmental API

Using a real-time query model, our Environmental API retrieves environmental regulations in force at specific locations or along a route. Access a clear and concise summary of regulations at coordinates or produce an estimated time-series of events from route information. You select the depth of data you want to access. Harness the power of our EnviroManager dataset in a fully customisable way and allow your teams to plan compliant operational events with peace of mind.

Ports API

Access the latest port information including maps, certification requirements and regulations in force. You select specific ports or ports meeting your criteria and integrate the data stream with your own systems.

Flexible Data Solutions

Benefit from a range of API solutions with varying functionality. Choose to access all features or only specific data points that best suit your business. With flexible pricing models, you can choose the most suitable subscription for your needs. We keep the IP and let you use the data for a set period.

What this enables

Greater Data Capability
Access data that was previously out of reach
Informed Decision-making
Meet the demands of safety and risk, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance
Access all features or just specific data points to suit your business

How it does this

Valuable Insights
Rich and up-to-date data sets maintained by dedicated experts
Quick Integration
Fully compliant with OpenAPI 3.0 standards for easy integration with existing systems
Different Plans
A range of plans / pricing and incremental functionality to fit your business case

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